Let Your Hyperlinks Live Forever!

It is the the duty of a Webmaster to allocate URIs which you will be able to stand by in 2 years, in 20 years, in 200 years. This needs thought, and organization, and commitment. (https://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI) Joel Spolsky did it:  I’m bending over backwards not to create “linkrot” — all old links to Joel on Software … Continue reading Let Your Hyperlinks Live Forever!

Shortest Post Ever

... self-indulgent though, but just to add an update on the previous post. My new personal website is  live: elkement.subversiv.at I have already redirected the root URLs of the precursor sites radices.net, subversiv.at and e-stangl.at. Now I am waiting for Google's final verdict; then I am going to add the rewrite map for the 1:n … Continue reading Shortest Post Ever

Random Things I Have Learned from My Web Development Project

It's nearly done (previous episode here). I have copied all the content from my personal websites, painstakingly disentangling snippets of different 'posts' that were physically contained in the same 'web page', re-assigning existing images to them, adding tags, consolidating information that was stored in different places. Raking the Virtual Zen Garden - again. (Voice from … Continue reading Random Things I Have Learned from My Web Development Project

Finally Mobile-Friendly! (How I Made Googlebot Happy)

Not this blog of course - it had been responsive already. But I gave in to Google's nagging and did not ignore messages in Google Webmaster Tools any longer. All my home-grown websites had a fixed width of the content pane and a fixed left sidebar. On a mobile device you only saw the upper … Continue reading Finally Mobile-Friendly! (How I Made Googlebot Happy)

I Am Too Googleable!

What a letdown. I wanted to report on near completion of The Website Resurrection Project - but I had a mind-altering experience. On the upside, I am not afraid of identity theft or surveillance anymore. My dentist had to cancel an appointment the day before. I showed up some minutes before the appointed time. The … Continue reading I Am Too Googleable!

On Social Media and Networking (Should Have Been a Serious Post, Turned out Otherwise)

It has been nearly a month since my satirical post on LinkedIn and bot-like HR professionals has stirred interesting discussions and unexpected reblogs. I have promised to come up with related posts regularly. To all my new followers who were probably attracted by the Liebster-award-related nonsense: Compared to those posts this one is unfortunately a … Continue reading On Social Media and Networking (Should Have Been a Serious Post, Turned out Otherwise)

Professional Online Persona or: What Are Your Skills?

My previous post has triggered intriguing discussions - about writing, identity and what I called an 'online persona'. As far as I remember I borrowed this term from David Weinberger's book Small Pieces Loosely Joined - sublime reflections on the way the web has impacted culture and communication. I have asked myself sometimes: How should … Continue reading Professional Online Persona or: What Are Your Skills?

On Writing or: What Do I Need to Smoke to Understand Your Websites?

This is a verbatim quote. ("This" refers to the second part of the title. The first one is a lame reference to Stephen King, of course). It is a question asked by a former colleague some years ago who had been exposed to my proto-blog websites for the first time. These websites are subject to … Continue reading On Writing or: What Do I Need to Smoke to Understand Your Websites?

Website Resurrection: Status Report

It's nearly EOY (end of calendar year) in corporate lingo, and thus it is time to prepare the last reports and try to meet some deadlines set by top management for political reasons. Corporate thinking is in my bones so I need to apply this approach to my personal Website Resurrection Project. I registered three personal … Continue reading Website Resurrection: Status Report

F as in Finally

Finally I did it. I. Am. On. Facebook. A week ago I reactivated my dormant Facebook account, created years ago, that has never been associated with any friends. Fortunately I have some friends now. If I die tomorrow, I will not die alone. And I am on Twitter. @ elkement Little bird has left its egg #twitter #newbie So … Continue reading F as in Finally

A Blank Sheet of Paper

I have a bunch of websites, and I was pseudo-blogging for a while. 'Pseudo-blogging' refers to editing old-school static websites not based on blog software. In contrast to what usability experts might say, I feel that the user interface does not matters. There were times of intense (pseudo-)blogging: Coding and writing html tags in a … Continue reading A Blank Sheet of Paper

From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard

Applying the Technology Adoption Life-cycle model to my internet usage pattern, I categorize myself as a Laggard or a member of the Late Majority. The beginning was more promising: I used e-mail since the early 1990s, and I set up my first web site in 1997. At the dawn of the new millennium, I owned … Continue reading From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard