Google-Mediated Self-Poetry – Holiday Edition

A new sub-genre of my experimental internet poetry! Is Google able to capture the essence of this blog? Rules: Search your own site on Google, using site:[your site]. This 'poem' is based on results from Open the first search result in a new tab. Pick one phrase from this page (your own content) and … Continue reading Google-Mediated Self-Poetry – Holiday Edition

Unplug Myself: First Update

It has been three and a half weeks since I have unplugged myself from social media and suspended blogging temporarily. I was rather active on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter before since I had Connected Myself to the Collective last November. Now my Klout score is dwindling again. This is my first update from the void, … Continue reading Unplug Myself: First Update

What Is Normal? (My Way of Announcing Blogging Time-Out)

I remember the best Out-of-Office note I have ever received - musing on not being able to get back to me as quick as normally, and culminating in the philosophical question: But - what is normal? Probably this is one of the hidden, leading questions that have driven this blog ever since I started it … Continue reading What Is Normal? (My Way of Announcing Blogging Time-Out)

Shallow Waters and Deep Reading

I have re-read The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, and this is not a balanced book review. I am an occasional reader of popular psychology books and I am guilty of selecting these books according to my pre-established bias. The following experience puzzled me before I read the book: I spent a two-week … Continue reading Shallow Waters and Deep Reading