Watching TV Is Dangerous

I am not talking about humans. But TV-sets might threaten other devices in the smart home; this was a recent puzzle submitted by a blog reader. Two unrelated devices / services met on the user's local computer network: IP-TV provided by a large German telco. a data logger for monitoring the heating system. This user … Continue reading Watching TV Is Dangerous

Intercontinental Discourse on Cheery 1960s Commercials

After two walls of text I owe you some light entertainment. I have learned from the comments on this post that the song has been ingrained in the minds of American children in the 1960s and 1970s. True, I hear it in my dreams now, too. It's Slinky, Itโ€™s Slinky! For fun it's the best … Continue reading Intercontinental Discourse on Cheery 1960s Commercials