Search Term Poetry Sans Google

Times have been rough for search poets since Google has decided to encrypt search results.

But you could also argue that search terms should be more non-mainstream, hip, and sophisticated now as submitted by users preferring non-mainstream search engines.

So this is Google-less search term poetry, created from terms harvested in Q4 2013. As usual, lines of the poem are taken from search phrases, unedited, and probably truncated at beginning and end. Search terms must not be concatenated.

[Interlude: Scholarly Wisdom]

I am reading a book highly relevant for the psychology of creating art from the virtual scrapyard: Daniel Kahneman’s seminal book Thinking, Fast and Slow (Thanks, Maurice!). Kahneman describes our shortcomings in dealing with probabilities and in making sound, rational decisions in general. He gives a lot of evidence from psychological research on how our so-called intuition fails us spectacularly.

Our educated guesses on numbers – such as the age of a celebrity – are impacted by random numbers brought to our attention via a wheel of fortune. We feel that 90% fat-free is better than 10% fat. And we are insist on seeing patterns in truly random structures.

Kahneman calls the different modes of thinking or sub-entities of our mind system 1 and system 2. Yet, these are conceptual entities describing the research results; they and not intended to be related to specific parts of the brain. Physicists would call this a phenomenological approach.

System 1 jumps to conclusions quickly and helps us with making the world simpler by substituting hard questions (Why should I vote for X?) by easy questions (Do I like X?). It does al this with ease. System 2 is our strained machine for mental arithmetic. It is at work when you multiply big numbers (unless you are savant) or create list of pro’s and con’s.

Actually, system 1 seems to be in control most of the time – but my special kind of poetry is created when I give system 1 full control deliberately. Gleefully and using zero mental energy it scans search terms or spam comments in order to see patterns and relations – dialogues and stanzas – where they are none.


Lines have been formatted in bold in italics in order to denote headers (System 2 tries to contribute by providing a table of contents).

scientific terms poems

calculations to determine
42 plus 63
42 divided by 63

do not fall
quantum boffin
with counterweight

proton animation
smokerings icon
earth rotation
toy elevator
it has to be tried in practice

power grid turned off
welcome to the real world
the subversive element

analytical essay

name the four element
space balls
phase space

mouse in a microwave
is always tangential to axis

which countries
german hills
jurassic park

“the new worst slogan”
best innovation ever
harvesting ice

cultural spam(food) poetry

metaphors on a scrapyard
anti-stress spiral spring

a break on my blog
sniffing a path
decoding hidden identity

zen capitalism
google culture
the jelly bing

confessions of a luddite
feel dumb in theory

clap hands
instead of falling over

Wheel of Fortune

Breaking News on Search Term Poetry (Good, Bad, Ugly)

This is a break from quantum physics – you deserve it! Based on your questions – no un-follows so far fortunately – I will follow-up with attempting again to pick the right metaphors for 1026 dimensional spaces and tons of enormous vectors.

But there is more (enigmatic) to this universe than quantum field theory – such as search terms submitted by our blogs’ visitors.

Samir Chopra, philosophy professor and published author, has said it very well in his freshly pressed post on search terms “The Peculiar Allure of Blog Search Terms” which also features this poem of mine.

I quote from his post:

Most of all though, search terms are a glimpse of the hive mind of the ‘Net: a peek at the bubbling activity of the teeming millions that interact with it on a daily basis, seeking entertainment, amusement, edification, gratification, employment.  They make visible the anxiety of the questions that torment some and the curiosity–sometimes prurient, sometimes not–that drives others; they remind us of the many different functions that this gigantic interconnected network of networks and protocols plays in our lives, of the indispensability it has acquired.

This quote would certainly improve the quality of my future search terms a lot…

But Google is going to spoil our playful crafting of poetry from our blog statistics: Starting 2011 SSL (https) has been used with Google’s search results pages if you had been logged on to a Google app such as Google+. Now pages are encrypted even for anonymous users according to this article.

This had been called a reaction to the NSA spying on us. I tend to agree to the following:

We also can’t help but think that, because Google is encrypting search activity for everything but ad clicks, this is a move to get more people using Google AdWords.

From an internet standards’ perspective this is fine: RFC 2626 – which defines HTTP – states that

Clients SHOULD NOT include a Referer header field in a (non-secure) HTTP request if the referring page was transferred with a secure protocol.

… which means that if you click on a link displayed on a page whose address starts with https the target website will not know / log where you came from.

What does it mean for search term poets? Will this history of my meteoric rise to fame as a search term / spam poet suddenly come to an end?

Here are some ideas of mine:

Use  other stuff as spam, comments, error messages – as I did in some poems already. I had even poeti-cized my own blog posts’ titles and a full post of mine. But search terms from unknown visitors have been the most inspirational snippets from the virtual scrapyard.

Use Google / Bing Webmaster Tools’ output instead of WP Stats – I have done this, too. The poem quoted by Samir Chopra was one of those peppered with terms from Webmaster Tools. This is a violation of my own rules, though a documented one.

In order to setup your blog with these tools you need to prove ownership by adding a meta tag in your WP blog’s settings. The downside: You can only access the search terms submitted within the last month at every point in time so you would need to save them every day, and Google only gives you a number of clicks if it was higher than 10. Otherwise (<10) it might just have been an ‘impression’ – your blog just showing up in search results, but users did not click your link.

More ideas?

The Matrix | Jamie Zawinski [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

engineering and art meets
steampunk icons electrical panel
interactive floor tetris
geeky fascination
back to the future

(Snippet from my most recent search term poem)

The Science of Search Term Poetry

In the break after the second session on Quantum Field Theory I am showing off light edutainment with a scientific touch.

Every quarter I save the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats for highly sophisticated statistical, psychological and linguistic analysis. That is, I do create a Search Term Poem.

Rules are as follows:

  • Every line of the poem including titles is copied from the search terms as displayed in Stats. Search terms must not be used in more than one poem.
  • Editing is not permitted; typos must not be corrected.
  • Words must not be cut out from the middle of search strings. Truncating words at the beginning or the end is permitted.
  • Different search terms or fragments cut out from different terms must not be concatenated. There is a bijective correspondence of lines in the poem and search terms.

The focus of this blog has changed back to physics – and so do the search terms. Searchers’ usual question about rodents in the microwave could also be classified as sciencey (biology and electrical engineering)  considering the way the pitied rodent died nearly one year ago.

I am throwing in some images from Wikimedia that represent my mental connections to the ‘stanzas’ nearly perfectly. I wonder if my so-called artwork is now considered building upon those images and should be licensed under Common Criteria, too.

humiliating poetry
poems on fear
poems that have the word danger in them
best crowd sourcing site to publish poetry

technology is the theory and practice of science
cyber nightmares
“extended self”

Borg dockingstation

myth and magic
butterfly effect
microwave a rodent
travel in past by falling asleep
forward feed and backward feed

Intermittent Lorenz Attractor - Chaoscope

outsider physics
“new physical evidence on the axis of rotation of the earth”
physics on the fringe: smoke rings
is theoretical physics crackpot science
quantum resurrection

Smoke Rings (4446627539)

engineering and art meets
steampunk icons electrical panel
interactive floor tetris
geeky fascination
back to the future


trivia about physics
where’s centre of mass in world?
if we plumb the air throw an object, what is the direction of the coriolis force
toilet flush rotating too strong

Hurricane isabel and coriolis force

at large in particular
is “befire we know it” a cliché
why is existential questions are avoided in most conversations?

what is sleek weak geek in a poetic term
unemployed philosopher

who invented the org chart?

dangers of social networking
fun and action are the rule here

As I don’t pay for the No Ads Upgrade: Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here. This image may add to the experience of the poem.

Quarterly Search Term Poetry Results (Overdue!)

Due to my time-out from social media search terms submitted in Q2 2013 have not yet seen the light of day. Shareholders, I apologize!

Going for a new level of efficiency in creating poetry I try to anticipate your comments and questions. I have announced it several times: I am poeticizing your comments now! I am combining just anything –  search terms submitted by anonymous users, only known to Google and the NSA, with snippets of comments you have left on my previous post.

Rules are as follows:

  • Any line of the search term poem (including titles) is copied from the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats.
  • Editing is not permitted. Words must not be cut out from the middle of search strings, but search terms might be truncated at the beginning or the end.

The same rules apply to processing of comments. Formatting rules for this poem:

  • Bold: Search terms promoted to titles.
  • Regular: Search terms.
  • Italics: Comments on my last post.

what is a professional online persona
quote life being a cliche
abilities in narrating an event

Ignoring cooking and flint knapping

why does a spinning top not fall over
gyroscopes are magic
engineering vs physics jokes
i dropped physics and i feel stupid

Todays challenge

can mice get into microwaves
jurassic park determinism
“control system” cyber security

I am very curious

how does a refrigerator work
information theory
spaceship glass panel
enigma chipper machine

you are even more correct than perhaps you were aware.

physic for everyday life
time travel movies
popular science books enjoy
what are some of the classical mechanics for a slinky?

Perhaps this is going back-in-time

zen capitalism ltd
wiggly lines
flattering poems
brilliant education limited

objective knowledge was limited by the capacity of human memory

theories of hard work
die hard 4
outdoor security
the tough-guy macho culture
the strangest man in physics

do your own electric lighting

poems on my new bag
skawee reweert
1960s commercials
art of error message

I am bound to like your choice

Analogue modem

This is a hint for those (kids, generation Y-ers) who did not get the Skawee Reweert joke.

mad tea party physics
satire and technologies
garden hose to flush out toilet
timeline reduction in toilet flush

the more critical is the load

surfing theory
six elkements of weather
gone fishing “best out of office reply”

time has passed

no time for blog awards
funny comments on theory is much more easier than practice

And, this is calculated to help me sleep better?

Edit / Update: Actually I am not able to find Skawee Reweert on any older article of mine. I had referenced it on my subversive website though which includes links to the latest posts on this blog. Why did it show up in WordPress Stats?  #NSA #surveillance #machinesgoingmad #panic

Welcome to the Real World!

Warning: This is a disturbing post – despite the allusion to The Matrix in the title it is – really – about the real world only.

Hardly any geekiness included.

In order to compensate for that I will craft a short search term poem – this time exclusively from yesterday’s search terms:

the universe is antifragile

gut tube formation
alien themed control panels

heat pumps with elements

The last line has already anticipated what I am going to reveal in this post: It is about an element of a heat pump system – and its added benefit in agriculture.

Other readers of my blog have discovered my German blog – so I have to come out as a tomato addict.

Solar collector and tomatoes

Our solar collector used as an espalier for tomato plants

The solar collector featured in this post is very versatile: In winter energy for heating is harvested from the ambient air via convection but radiation is not that important. Im summer time you need to heat hot water only and there is too much energy available anyway. Thus it isn’t an issue to cover the collector with leaves and tomatoes – and it can be used as an espalier  [marketing pitch] combining the beauty of nature with the sleek appeal of sophisticated technology [/marketing].

I have been asked if this is useful for greenhouse operators: The answer is unfortunately No as even in summer it extracts heat from the air (and the tomatoes).

There is only one special mode of operation that would ‘heat’ the plants (a bit – I haven’t done simulations on this): The energy harvested by the collector is deposited to a water tank – the heat source of the heat pump. This tank is used for passive cooling in summer: Floor heating becomes floor cooling. Heating of hot water is beneficial as heat is extracted from the tank.

If there is an intermittent ‘cold’ period in summer the cooling capacity can be increased by actually cooling the tank through the collector – you would run the collector pump e.g. in the night. Thus if the air is much cooler than the tank than the collector would cool the tank and ‘heat’ the tomatoes.

But this is a rare condition and most likely not accountable for the incredible ‘output’ in terms of tomatoes. These are 13 plants – 13 different varieties with funny names as Green Zebra and Black Plum. The most prolific one is Gelbe Dattelwein (Translates to Yellow Date Wine, most of the other names are English ones anyway).

According to superficial googling ‘health’ and ‘tomatoes’ eating about 1 kg tomatoes a day does not have negative side effects.

We bought the plants from Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark), a society whose vision it is to work on bringing traditional and rare varieties into gardens and on the market again.

Decoding Myself: Searching for Hidden Clues in My Blog Posts’ Titles

I am inventing a new experimental genre: Header Poetry.

I tag this post with Spam Poetry and Search Term Poetry as – theoretically – my headers could show up as search terms or skillfully drafted spam comments.

As an innovator in poetry based on recycled material I need to do this – in order to claim all rights to use this innovation (irrevocable, eternal – insert you favorite legal phrases).

The rules: I am using my own post’s titles in the way I have utilized search terms and spam comments before. I am permitted to copy any part of my own headers, but I must not edit them.

Since my headers are usually very long most of the lines are snippets. I owe to my fellow bloggers for lines based on reblogged posts(*)

The top title (**) has not been recycled.

An Elkemental Journey(**)

Clandestine Blogging
Narrating Our Life’s Events
Shallow Waters and Deep Reading

Almost There
I Screwed It up
Theory and Practice.
Anatomy of a Decision
What Do I Need to Smoke
The Dark Side Was Strong in Me

Reconcile All This
A Blank Sheet of Paper
Discovering Your Life Being Cliché
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard
I Did Normal Science
Sniffing the Path

Time Travelling
Stupid Questions
Are We All Newtonians?
Fourth dimension surfing(*)
Do You Want to Become an Engineer?

The Largest Experiment in Applied Game Theory
Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere
Work Hard – Play Hard
Do I Have an Opinion
Is It Determinism

Why We Really Need
More Irony

Burn the Org Chart
the Myth of the Toilet Flush
Spam Poets Write Weird Things
Microwave Ovens Are Not Rodent-Ready

I Need More Trivial Content
Needless Things
Postmodern Art
Truth Lies(*)
Less Irony

Intercontinental Discourse
Brain-Dead Visitors
Mad Tea Party

in a More Normal Way

Have I decoded myself? Do truncated headers reveal anything I ever wanted to say anyway so that I can stop blogging?

Enigmatic Life-Forms

Enigmatic Life-Forms the Subversive Element sometimes interacts with.

Spam Poets Write Weird Things

The title has been provided by this blog’s visitors, I guess licensed as Creative Commons.

It has been a month since I have posted the last search term poem – here we go again! The following post of a new fellow search term archaeologist and Alex Brown’s monthly analysis of search terms have reminded of that important deadline.

This time I don’t break my own rules – despite of having quoted two intriguing search terms here. But since this was not poetry I am still compliant with the Rules of the Cult of Search Term Poetry.

All search terms are from WordPress Stats or Google Webmaster Tools from  the last 30 days, and I demand that search terms in a ‘paragraph’ need to be sorted in length. I only break that rule once.

spam poets
write weird things for search terms
crowdsourcing next level
work hard play hard
post modern art
narrating events

text editor blank sheet paper
gay steampunk costumes
a theory about nostalgia
theory of poetry satire
to flush the toilet

how do an gyroscope work? magic?
spinning top with helium balloon
gyroscope not falling over
patent perpetuum mobile
controlling the elements
cliche physics problems
gyroscopes are magic

zen engineering
subversive element
42 divided by 3
retro geek

how to combine theory with practice in physics
microwave oven radiation wavelength holes
40 below summer fire at zero gravity
can mice get into microwave oven
dead mice in the microwave
microwave oven theory
physics isn’t intuitive

Actually, it was harder than last month to create the poem as the themes & memes have started repeating themselves. Probably I will change to a quarterly feature in order to collect more unusual search terms.

As a technical aside, I have promoted the tags Search Term Poetry and Spam Poetry to categories while demoting Trivia to a tag. does a great job in still keeping the previous URLs for the former tags and categories.

I am still looking for more search term poets. As regular readers know I once declared myself the founder of a movement, but found out shortly after that I am only standing on the shoulders of other spam poets without recognizing it.

History of ego inflation has repeated itself – here is some interesting

 … historical Search Term Poetry

Search Term Poetry! “Ass As Is”, on Simian Idiot

Search Term Poetry by Martin R, on Aardvarchaeology

Several poems tagged with “Search Term Poetry”, by Steve Gershom

Contemporary fellow search term poets are featured in this blog post of mine.

Magnetic poetry

Magnetic poetry. I am using Wikimedia in the same way as my blog visitors use search engines: I submit generic terms and consider the images displayed as an oracle’s reply. This comes up when you enter “poetry”. Description: “A poem made by Magnetic Poetry pieces. This poem was about my flatmate’s cat, Jeremy. See the earlier version for the full, not-appropriate-for-Wikipedia version.”