The Destiny of the Universe

… not what the title implies but Spam Poetry, harvested from about 530 spam comments on this blog. I keep to my usually dystopian-postmodern genre. Imagine somebody with a British accent reading it, and mentally insert black and white images inspired by Philip K. Dick‘s short stories. Don’t expect to understand it, it is like those highly refined artistic movies – wrapped in several layers of increasingly sophisticated interpretations.

Every line is cut out of a spam comment, no editing allowed except truncating at the beginning or end. For more background and the history of my search term and spam poetry see here.

This time I owe to spammers trying to promote games that obviously involve the violent killing of aliens.

the destiny of the universe

my honest, preconceived thoughts

a great unreal dream
actual irony
when you con the destiny with your artistry

gloomy and cynical futurism
that any mortal should avoid

you arrive from the Victorian England
in the known galaxy

Illustration for Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island, by Jules Férat

dark and cynical sci-fi
forces an illusion
of that time gone by
When skyscrapers were first built

you are not understanding anything

what if i told you
There are undoubtedly more color options nearby

paradigmatic coal-black
started to be repetitive
one of the big deterrents to me

your deprecating coherence
is a potpourri

this type of despicable hypocirite
it will be the future of the human race

handing more control over
lets us progress even deeper into this sci-fi nightmare

armor and weapon
usually do not adhere to regulations
The glare of the goblin sparks partially blinded him.

Artwork for the book The War of the Worlds, Alvim-correa12player in cyberspace
heed your call of duty

I’ll certainly come back
through the dust
or snipe the undead beasts

talk with other mentors
emotionally distraught

men and women dressed in cartoon costumes

The cartoon is attractive
corporate, regal, or fair-minded

these crooks
reported to have ghost activity

space zombies
called Glass Collective
never publicly dated anyone

Put your prowess to evaluation
removing their skin

rapidly rose the reputation
conditional upon the execution

Disgrace on Google
the cosmic horror
We do know these people analyze

NSA Muscular Google CloudNumerous aliens in space will traumatize you
with the fantasy stars
Your toddlers shall like it

none of the visions has borne fruit
as a matter of fact

unsubstantiated distortions
completely ridiculous.

in public areas nevertheless

This cue
the echo
The spring of 24
most is inconsistent

the web
becomes a virtual community
something that we are hoping

i could truthfully do something to be able

Slowly return your head to the original position


Will there be a part 2?

the last sentence of the page

Crowdsourcing Poetry (Again)

This is Search Term Poetry created from terms harvested in the second quarter. I even owe the post’s title to a valuable searcher.

As usual, all lines are taken from search terms in WordPress Stats – no editing allowed except for truncation at the beginning and the end of phrases.

But I could not resist harvesting also some search terms also from Google’s Webmaster tools this time. There are so many ‘unknown’ search terms indicated by WordPress’ blog statistics which are most likely due to Google’s encrypting the search results.

Now … forget all nerdiness and technology … and just get lost in the overwhelming beauty of this piece of art.

[New readers, this was irony in case it is not obvious from the following poem.]

crowdsourcing poetry

attention seeking designer freaks poem
poems about overdue

existential poetry
virtual zen garden
thought like time is never linear


Time is never linear.

why does theoritical physics deny outsiders
false intuitions about physics

picture quotes never stop living
emoticons blackboard lightning bolt


Light and nostalgic emotions.

the theory of the water tank
for popular reading

classroom experiments with relativity
energy creating machine

Power Lines

Here is the energy.

spaceballs calculus
confused maths puzzles

greatest innovations ever
vortex garden hose

what is thoery of toilet flusing to find map location
hyperbolic decay

Tree at the edge of reason

Hyperbolic decay.

diy gas turbine
running gas line to an island through a vertical pillar?

find i a strangle loop-douglas hofstader wth articles
smoke ring letters


Smoke rings. Sort of.

poems in terms of electrical engg
information of tension change

what the user wanted
an equation for the perpendicular bisector of the line segment


The surface of the lake is nearly perpendicular to the sides of the image.

images of decease memerial
toilet duck in 1960s

is it normal not to like social media


Social Media.

what does the grim reaper do
cut anything

dark side of me is even more interesting

Dark Side of the Elkement

Me on the dark side.

to unravel me you need a simple key, no key that was made by locksmith’s hand, but a key that only i will understand.

memepool dead


For the bi-lingual poetry fans: Here is the German Q2 edition, also enriched with Google webmaster tools’ terms and some other but equally bad photos.

Poetry from the Virtual Scrapyard Anniversary: I Subconsciously Think about This Element

Today is an anniversary: The first Search Term Poem has seen the light of day one year ago on my Facebook timeline – this was my debut as a search term poet on WordPress on 12-12-12.

I have created tons of artifacts from the virtual scrapyard since then.

Spammers had enough time to hone their skills since my latest spooky Spam Poem – and indeed: Spam comments mutated – to the more sophisticated! Unfortunately the spam filter caught them all, but the latest spam is better suited to serve as raw material for my stream of consciousness.


  • Each line of the poem including the title is a fragment of consecutive words copied from the spam comments on this blog.
  • Comments must not be re-used. Each comment is trashed after having been poem-ized.
  • Editing is not permitted; typos must not be corrected.
  • In a line different fragments must not be concatenated. 

I subconsciously think about this element

the Edifice
does kill me
rather unpretentious

Light is absorbed with the crystal
precious metal shinning
explained by their all-aroundness

considering the portfolio clutch
it has some overlapping

In other words the sock in the freezer cooler
an issue that students take with each other every day, Master of science

reassured of the fact
the 2nd hand will become moving
timeless and energetic
The surveillance cameras seem at everybody
whose way also keeps on adjusting
fit your individual status

Geekiness of Classical Mechanics
you can obviously see the rules of grid from the bottom
made up of a series of pipes

being one of the few individuals
I watched the flick under her name once more
currently renewing my passport
Personalized redevelopment
appeal to the telltale

i am just adhering to you
involved with unintended degeneration

Wonderful goods from you
lead your escapades in all serenity
the only potential difficulty is being capable to find them

difficult to distinguish between good and evil
let us determine what you think
I sit on the sidelines
I have learn this submit

This is a local matter
obviously not the case
responding of all time continues to be emerging
This poison is the most thorough destruction of life forms

Dont write a status message at all
that could no doubt get applied yet again
Not rocket science

Like them or can’t stand them
Material storage can happen
Determine underneath

we’re not seeing the storyplot
and the shadows
they are often all-knowing

What really annoys me is
wholesomeness connected with thought process
What’s wrong with it? What’s right!?

The power to complete the task
with a mere click of the mouse
aren’t quick to tarnish
on more levels than one
Stay up as late as possible

in this technological world the whole thing is accessible
pragmatic and enterprising
common at any point in time

Wipe out overwork
there are more reasonable options
more desirable than being dynamic

now I embrace this
epic saga
vintage (classic)
I agree with your point of view


Oil painting by Bernard Dumaine (Wkimedia, Free Art License)

The Science of Search Term Poetry

In the break after the second session on Quantum Field Theory I am showing off light edutainment with a scientific touch.

Every quarter I save the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats for highly sophisticated statistical, psychological and linguistic analysis. That is, I do create a Search Term Poem.

Rules are as follows:

  • Every line of the poem including titles is copied from the search terms as displayed in Stats. Search terms must not be used in more than one poem.
  • Editing is not permitted; typos must not be corrected.
  • Words must not be cut out from the middle of search strings. Truncating words at the beginning or the end is permitted.
  • Different search terms or fragments cut out from different terms must not be concatenated. There is a bijective correspondence of lines in the poem and search terms.

The focus of this blog has changed back to physics – and so do the search terms. Searchers’ usual question about rodents in the microwave could also be classified as sciencey (biology and electrical engineering)  considering the way the pitied rodent died nearly one year ago.

I am throwing in some images from Wikimedia that represent my mental connections to the ‘stanzas’ nearly perfectly. I wonder if my so-called artwork is now considered building upon those images and should be licensed under Common Criteria, too.

humiliating poetry
poems on fear
poems that have the word danger in them
best crowd sourcing site to publish poetry

technology is the theory and practice of science
cyber nightmares
“extended self”

Borg dockingstation

myth and magic
butterfly effect
microwave a rodent
travel in past by falling asleep
forward feed and backward feed

Intermittent Lorenz Attractor - Chaoscope

outsider physics
“new physical evidence on the axis of rotation of the earth”
physics on the fringe: smoke rings
is theoretical physics crackpot science
quantum resurrection

Smoke Rings (4446627539)

engineering and art meets
steampunk icons electrical panel
interactive floor tetris
geeky fascination
back to the future


trivia about physics
where’s centre of mass in world?
if we plumb the air throw an object, what is the direction of the coriolis force
toilet flush rotating too strong

Hurricane isabel and coriolis force

at large in particular
is “befire we know it” a cliché
why is existential questions are avoided in most conversations?

what is sleek weak geek in a poetic term
unemployed philosopher

who invented the org chart?

dangers of social networking
fun and action are the rule here

As I don’t pay for the No Ads Upgrade: Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here. This image may add to the experience of the poem.

Quarterly Search Term Poetry Results (Overdue!)

Due to my time-out from social media search terms submitted in Q2 2013 have not yet seen the light of day. Shareholders, I apologize!

Going for a new level of efficiency in creating poetry I try to anticipate your comments and questions. I have announced it several times: I am poeticizing your comments now! I am combining just anything –  search terms submitted by anonymous users, only known to Google and the NSA, with snippets of comments you have left on my previous post.

Rules are as follows:

  • Any line of the search term poem (including titles) is copied from the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats.
  • Editing is not permitted. Words must not be cut out from the middle of search strings, but search terms might be truncated at the beginning or the end.

The same rules apply to processing of comments. Formatting rules for this poem:

  • Bold: Search terms promoted to titles.
  • Regular: Search terms.
  • Italics: Comments on my last post.

what is a professional online persona
quote life being a cliche
abilities in narrating an event

Ignoring cooking and flint knapping

why does a spinning top not fall over
gyroscopes are magic
engineering vs physics jokes
i dropped physics and i feel stupid

Todays challenge

can mice get into microwaves
jurassic park determinism
“control system” cyber security

I am very curious

how does a refrigerator work
information theory
spaceship glass panel
enigma chipper machine

you are even more correct than perhaps you were aware.

physic for everyday life
time travel movies
popular science books enjoy
what are some of the classical mechanics for a slinky?

Perhaps this is going back-in-time

zen capitalism ltd
wiggly lines
flattering poems
brilliant education limited

objective knowledge was limited by the capacity of human memory

theories of hard work
die hard 4
outdoor security
the tough-guy macho culture
the strangest man in physics

do your own electric lighting

poems on my new bag
skawee reweert
1960s commercials
art of error message

I am bound to like your choice

Analogue modem

This is a hint for those (kids, generation Y-ers) who did not get the Skawee Reweert joke.

mad tea party physics
satire and technologies
garden hose to flush out toilet
timeline reduction in toilet flush

the more critical is the load

surfing theory
six elkements of weather
gone fishing “best out of office reply”

time has passed

no time for blog awards
funny comments on theory is much more easier than practice

And, this is calculated to help me sleep better?

This is how this poem sounds! SKAWEE-REWEERT

Edit / Update: Actually I am not able to find Skawee Reweert on any older article of mine. I had referenced it on my subversive website though which includes links to the latest posts on this blog. Why did it show up in WordPress Stats?  #NSA #surveillance #machinesgoingmad #panic

Remarks Written by Brain-Dead Visitors

Dear reader, enclosed you find my latest spam poem. Each line is verbatim from a spam comment (including typos). The meme pool had comprised about 400 spam comments collected in the past three weeks.

This time I forced myself to compile the poem extremely fast, scrolling through these comments in Data-from-Star-Trek-style and letting my subconsciousness decide. Therefore I call that sub-genre Postmodern Science Fiction Inspired Spam Poetry Devoid of Meaning.

I did not select phrases with less than 4 words. This rule is optional, not part of the Rules of the Cult – see historical information below – and I did not make up the last sentence of the poem, even the emoticon is genuine!

searching for sanskrit tattoos

too enforced a Political platform
that roam across the surface over periods of numerous millions of years

Your house is valueble for me
Good luck for the next!

Use your music or television as a continuous background noise
Are you sure concerning the supply?

Teeth are not made of bone
Will there be a part 2?

If you are inside the horizontal scenery
The caribbean have an infinitely more elementary reach

The instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly
I lost track of what I had been performing

A creative bent of mind and an eye for detail
to a great extent kind of free in bizarre grades of refinement

Such is the case, you must purchase tokens
but eventually you have to deliver

Could it be only me or does it look like a few of these remarks come across like they are written by brain dead visitors? :-P

Historical context for new readers:

I crafted my first search term poems and spam poems some months ago in my Mad Scientist’s Garage – MacGyver-style, typical engineer’s poetry.

I have also been the chronicler of the Early Spam Poetry Community. This was my write-up of the dawn of Spam Poetry and Search Term Poetry and I had the honor to review the first on spam poetry recently.

More recently spam poets entered the stage who really know how to handle languages made spam poetry real poetry (Voice from the future – both links offline now – spam poetry is ethereal and fleeting.)

The Nasty Commenter Spam Poem: A comment that haunted many bloggers – now dissected and disarmed. You can also see how the spammosphere reacts to the poem!

An Android Girl Coming of Age or a Conversation With God: The first poem I am aware of that contains a story, a dialogue. I have also learned how spam poetry works from the analysis in this article: Like regular poetry, the words already exist; they are just waiting to be put together in the right order.


Androids (Wikimedia). Probably the Android girl coming of age needs a drink after her spiritual experience?

Liebster Blog Award Nomination for Everyone!

postmoderndonkey has now nominated you all – he nominates all blogs everywhere regardless of orientation, quality or intent for the Liebster award. Spacetime is going to collapse! (I know I am over-using this metaphor.)



Many thanks to the Elkement blog for nominating Postmoderndonkey into a potentially ubiquitous spam nomination process chasing the illusive Liebster blog award presumably never to be awarded as the nomination acceptance process expands by a factor of eight with each completed acceptance straining the limits of the infinitude of the world wide web. Cutting through the virtual red tape as it were, I hereby nominate all blogs everywhere regardless of orientation, quality or intent for the Liebster award. I have spontaneously created and awarded the Liebster Continuation Trophy [here it is, look carefully-( …)] to Elkement who may choose to award the trophy forward or shelve it to sell as an artifact of her career years from now. For further information on this mad tea party of a nomination process and to accept my nomination of your blog please go to:

Elkement is a chaos/process oriented blogger with brilliant insights into reconciling…

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