The Destiny of the Universe

… not what the title implies but … … Spam Poetry, harvested from about 530 spam comments on this blog. I keep to my usually dystopian-postmodern genre. Imagine somebody with a British accent reading it, and mentally insert black and white images inspired by Philip K. Dick‘s short stories. Don’t expect to understand it, it […]

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Crowdsourcing Poetry (Again)

This is Search Term Poetry created from terms harvested in the second quarter. I even owe the post’s title to a valuable searcher. As usual, all lines are taken from search terms in WordPress Stats – no editing allowed except for truncation at the beginning and the end of phrases. But I could not resist […]

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Poetry from the Virtual Scrapyard Anniversary: I Subconsciously Think about This Element

Today is an anniversary: The first Search Term Poem has seen the light of day one year ago on my Facebook timeline – this was my debut as a search term poet on WordPress on 12-12-12. I have created tons of artifacts from the virtual scrapyard since then. Spammers had enough time to hone their skills since […]

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The Science of Search Term Poetry

In the break after the second session on Quantum Field Theory I am showing off light edutainment with a scientific touch. Every quarter I save the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats for highly sophisticated statistical, psychological and linguistic analysis. That is, I do create a Search Term Poem. Rules are as follows: Every […]

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Remarks Written by Brain-Dead Visitors

Dear reader, enclosed you find my latest spam poem. Each line is verbatim from a spam comment (including typos). The meme pool had comprised about 400 spam comments collected in the past three weeks. This time I forced myself to compile the poem extremely fast, scrolling through these comments in Data-from-Star-Trek-style and letting my subconsciousness […]

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Liebster Blog Award Nomination for Everyone!

Originally posted on postmoderndonkey:
  Many thanks to the Elkement blog for nominating Postmoderndonkey into a potentially ubiquitous spam nomination process chasing the illusive Liebster blog award presumably never to be awarded as the nomination acceptance process expands by a factor of eight with each completed acceptance straining the limits of the infinitude of the world wide web. Cutting…

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