F as in Finally

Finally I did it. I. Am. On. Facebook. A week ago I reactivated my dormant Facebook account, created years ago, that has never been associated with any friends. Fortunately I have some friends now. If I die tomorrow, I will not die alone. And I am on Twitter. @elkement Little bird has left its egg #twitter #newbie So I […]

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Less Irony

One of my earlier posts was called More Irony – accidentally, as per reblog. I am asking myself: Am I in need of Less Irony? Or does the ironic tone of my most recent posts resemble My Real Voice more than the solemnity of the posts I published this spring and summer? This is an open question, and writing this blog […]

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More Irony

Originally posted on Michael Bradley – Time Traveler:
From time to time I post Ironic pictures.  You can find prior posts by typing in “irony” on the search box on my home page.  I hope you enjoy these as you try to shake off the effects of L-triptophan in your turkey, the shock of long…

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