Cloudy Troubleshooting (2)

Unrelated to part 1 - but the same genre. Actors this time: File Cloud: A cloud service for syncing and sharing files. We won't drop a brand name, will we? Client: Another user of File Cloud. [Redacted]: Once known for reliability and as The Best Network. Dark Platform: Wannabe hackers' playground. elkement: Somebody who sometimes just wants to be an … Continue reading Cloudy Troubleshooting (2)

Cloudy Troubleshooting

Actors: Cloud: Service provider delivering an application over the internet. Client: Business using the Cloud Telco: Service provider operating part of the network infrastructure connecting them. elkement: Somebody who always ends up playing intermediary. ~ Client: Cloud logs us off ever so often! We can't work like this! elkement: Cloud, what timeouts do you use? … Continue reading Cloudy Troubleshooting

Everything as a Service

Three years ago I found a research paper that proposed a combination of distributed computing and heating as a service: A cloud provider company like Google or Amazon would install computers in users' homes - as black-boxes providing heat to the users and computing power to their cloud. In the meantime I have encountered announcements … Continue reading Everything as a Service

My Google Searches Might Heat Your Home

Sorry, but this is not about Search Term Poetry! Rather the contrary: Imagine your search terms could be utilized for something down-to-earth, for something useful. Google states: See more comparisons for Google services here! (Though I am disappointed they did not convert to bath tubs!) If Google's computers run in their data centers in the … Continue reading My Google Searches Might Heat Your Home