Intercontinental Discourse on Cheery 1960s Commercials

After two walls of text I owe you some light entertainment. I have learned from the comments on this post that the song has been ingrained in the minds of American children in the 1960s and 1970s. True, I hear it in my dreams now, too. It's Slinky, It’s Slinky! For fun it's the best … Continue reading Intercontinental Discourse on Cheery 1960s Commercials

Work Hard – Play Hard

There is indeed a 'corporate culture' named like this. Trusting Wikipedia on this: In their 1984  [sic!] book, Corporate Cultures, Deal and Kennedy identified a particular corporate culture which they called the 'work hard/play hard culture': "Fun and action are the rule here, and employees take few risks, all with quick feedback; to succeed, the … Continue reading Work Hard – Play Hard

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Not Recognizing It

Unfortunately I need to quote myself again and again: Every time I figured I had been very original and creative, The Internet tells me I am not. Others have come before me. I am a lousy historian of geeky art. I have been made aware on Google+ of the fact that there have been other spam … Continue reading Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Not Recognizing It

Retro-Geek: On the Fascination of Machinery

I have no clue about art or design. I learned recently from The Time Traveler that stuff like this the following has its own genre and sub-culture: It is called Steampunk. I am intrigued - as I was by the illustrations in Stephen Hawking's book Illustrated Brief History of Time long before I knew this was Steampunk at … Continue reading Retro-Geek: On the Fascination of Machinery

Physicist, Philosopher, and Engineer

The headline indicates that I am going to tell one of this old jokes: A physicist, a philosopher and an engineer meet ... This is in fact correct, but in an extremely subtle way. As the title of this blog and the pseudo-intellectual summary in the left pane should imply I am of course considering myself … Continue reading Physicist, Philosopher, and Engineer

Discovering Your Life Being Cliché

You are browsing the internet in order to test - by anecdotal evidence - if your original ideas are that original or your most creative writing that creative. Within milliseconds you detect that everything has already been told, shared, pictured, thought, sketched. For every clever business idea I had, I found zillions of companies that already had implemented version 3.0 of this idea. … Continue reading Discovering Your Life Being Cliché