I Need More Trivial Content

Don’t panic – I have left the lofty heights of political analysis for now! But thanks again for all the fish, commenters, as I had ventured out of my geeky comfort zone quite a bit! But now I am back: to down-to-earth, hands-on, ready-to-use … Spam Poetry The categories and tags for this blog are […]

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Work Hard – Play Hard

There is indeed a ‘corporate culture’ named like this. Trusting Wikipedia on this: In their 1984  [sic!] book, Corporate Cultures, Deal and Kennedy identified a particular corporate culture which they called the ‘work hard/play hard culture’: “Fun and action are the rule here, and employees take few risks, all with quick feedback; to succeed, the […]

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Discovering Your Life Being Cliché

You are browsing the internet in order to test – by anecdotal evidence – if your original ideas are that original or your most creative writing that creative. Within milliseconds you detect that everything has already been told, shared, pictured, thought, sketched. For every clever business idea I had, I found zillions of companies that already had implemented version 3.0 of this idea. Every super fancy […]

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