Einstein and His Patents

No, this is not about Einstein's achievements as a moonlighting scientific paradigm shifter, while working as a patent examiner in his day job. Einstein is famous for the theories of special and general relativity, and for the correct explanation of the photoelectric effect that has been rewarded with the Nobel prize. It is not so common knowledge that he contributed … Continue reading Einstein and His Patents

Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground

Don't panic. This is just a quote. It is a quote from one of my favorite favorite favorite books: The Cluetrain Manifesto, first published in 1999 and now available for free. The website - and the book is a call to the people of earth and puts forward 95 theses, the first of them being Markets are … Continue reading Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground

Physics Paradoxers and Outsiders

As I did - plain and straightforward - normal science, I do not consider to develop my personal Theory of Everything or to build my personal perpetuum mobile. I am pretty conservative with respect to the laws of thermodynamics and just understanding the main orthodox candidates for theories of everything today is already a a larger-than-life task … Continue reading Physics Paradoxers and Outsiders

I Did Normal Science

Finally I am reading one of the most influential books on science: Thomas Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Resolutions. I should have done so earlier, actually the book should be part of any science major's undergraduate curriculum. Naive as I was, I had expected to work on solving earth-shattering problems in physics, or at … Continue reading I Did Normal Science

Unification of Two Phenomena Well Known

Unification is a key word that invokes some associations: The Grand Unified Theory and Einstein's unsuccessful quest for it, of course the detection of the Higgs boson and the confirmation of the validity of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, or Kepler's Harmonices Mundi. Unification might be driven by the search for elegance and simplicity in the universe. Nevertheless, in retrospect … Continue reading Unification of Two Phenomena Well Known

A Blank Sheet of Paper

I have a bunch of websites, and I was pseudo-blogging for a while. 'Pseudo-blogging' refers to editing old-school static websites not based on blog software. In contrast to what usability experts might say, I feel that the user interface does not matters. There were times of intense (pseudo-)blogging: Coding and writing html tags in a … Continue reading A Blank Sheet of Paper

Shallow Waters and Deep Reading

I have re-read The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, and this is not a balanced book review. I am an occasional reader of popular psychology books and I am guilty of selecting these books according to my pre-established bias. The following experience puzzled me before I read the book: I spent a two-week … Continue reading Shallow Waters and Deep Reading

I neither Met Newton nor Einstein

I am just reading The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin. I am not familiar with string theory, quantum gravity, and the related communities, so I cannot comment on Smolin's main statement. But there is a section in the last chapter of the book that resonated with me. He describes his expectations and feelings when … Continue reading I neither Met Newton nor Einstein

Real Physicists Do Not Read Popular Science Books

At least this is what I believed for quite a while. Now I think I was wrong - not only for the reason that also real scientists might enjoy light entertainment or stay informed about their colleagues' science outreach activities. First of all, I am not even sure if I still qualify as a real … Continue reading Real Physicists Do Not Read Popular Science Books