Poetry from search terms, spam comments, and other gems from the virtual scrapyard.

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[2018-07-10] Sources of Heat, Life, and Everything. Same procedure as every summer: Science and tech blogging comes to a halt – look at (engineering-themed) avant-garde art instead.

[2018-02-18] The Subtle Power of the Top Snippet. A New Sub-Genre of Google Poetry. New rules: Only the top result can be used for search term poetry.

[2018-02-03] Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates! Not a poem (yet) – rather an attempt to ask The Internet to give me more raw material.

[2018-01-12] Things You Find in Your Hydraulic Schematic. ‘Poetry’ spotted in an unlikely place – our technical drawings! Plutonium and mutated butterflies!

[2017-07-28] Bing Says We Are Weird. I Prove It. Using Search Term Poetry. Bing (Places, Business) has done so repeatedly. What else should I do than creating poetry from search terms that Bing users submitted to find our websites?

[2016-10-10] Spam Poetry: “Cris-Crossing the Universe”. Less spam comments, but raising the bar nonetheless: Spam comments must be used immediately, in the same order as comments.

[2016-07-14] Self-Sufficiency Poetry. ‘Normally’, search terms determined my pick of random images. This time, I have picked garden images, that illustrate self-sufficiency (sort of ;-) !) , and then searched for ‘proper’ search terms.

[2016-05-03] Blinded by the Light: Links Not Considered Click-Worthy. Poetry from search terms displayed in Google Search Console – in Impressions, not clicked.

[2015-12-16] Google-Mediated Self-Poetry – Holiday Edition. One more attempt to poetry-size my prose, and to try to decode the hidden meaning of my posts.

[2015-08-01] Travelling Like Spam Poetry. How spam poetry actually started – doing it in real-live instead of writing it.

[2015-07-02] What the Internet Asks of Me. A cross-over between Search Term Poetry and trying to seriously learn from the searchers’ questions.

[2015-03-18] Virtual Book Spine Poetry (Edition 2014 + 2015/6). Merging two posts: 1) the 2014 edition of my yearly book reviews, a tradition I started last year, and 2) my next experimental poem, in a new experimental genre.

[2014-12-22] Google Translational Poetry – Austrian Christmas Edition. Poem already created from Google results – transformed once more by running them through 10 languages in Google Translate. Bonus: Literary critique and a connection to a Wikimedia image related to Christmas and to Austria.

[2014-12-04] Imaginative Poetry. Inspired by the Second Name of Collected Space. Flarf taken to the next level: Inspired by images created also by a flarf-y method. And printed on real paper – for the first time.

[2014-11-01] Poetry of Anything. Now I Know This Is Called Flarf! I learned two things: 1) I am very late to the poetry-from-the-internet-scrapyard party, but 2) that stuff is serious art. I am also trying something new – poems unrelated to my websites but fuelled by Google only.

[2014-08-24] The Destiny of the Universe. My darkest spam poem so far, not for the faint of heart. I owe to the spammer trying to sell games involving the killing of aliens.

[2014-07-28] Crowdsourcing Poetry (Again). Search terms from the second quarter, blended with terms from Google Webmaster Tools and some enigmatic – and typically Austrian – images.

[2014-04-04] Search Term Poetry – Spring Edition. Very condensed search terms, mixed with some pathetic images taken by an ancient smart phone.

[2014-01-10] Search Term Poetry Sans Google. I am determined to subvert Google’s efforts to hide this precious raw material for Search Term Poetry.

[2013-12-06] Poetry from the Virtual Scrapyard Anniversary: I Subconsciously Think about This Element. Celebrating one year of so-called poetry with a stream-of-consciousness-style Spam Poem.

[2013-10-12] Breaking News on Search Term Poetry (Good, Bad, Ugly). A post by an accomplished author featuring one of my search term poems has been Freshly Pressed, but Google has started encrypting search terms. The end of Search Term Poetry?

[2013-10-03] The Science of Search Term Poetry, using mostly physics-related search terms from the third quarter.

[2013-09-08] Quarterly Search Term Poetry Results (Overdue!) based on search terms submitted in the second quarter. For the first time comments left on the previous post have been included.

[2013-08-14] Welcome to the Real World! – warm-up after a time-out from social media with an haiku-style short Search Term Poem.

[2013-06-06] What? A Spooky Spam Poem of Danger, Fear, Hope, and Lifeless Faces: combining Spam Poetry and images for the first time. (Warning: This poem is not for the faint of heart.)

[2013-05-26] Decoding Myself: Searching for Hidden Clues in My Blog Posts’ Titles – founding a new variety of the genre (again) by creating poetry from headers of posts of mine.

[2013-05-16] Existential Spam Poem: The Soul of This Bag takes the concept of dialogue one step further: We hear a disciple appealing to his or her cult leader.

[2013-05-07] Remarks Written by Brain-Dead Visitors is a surprisingly apt self-referential comment, promoted to the title of this post and the spam poem (sub-)titled searching for sanskrit tattoos. This poem was the first showing off dialogues containing fortune-cookie-like pearls of bizarre wisdom.

[2013-04-26] Surprise Potatoes in the Soldiers’ Vegetable Soup! My debut as a literary critic and spam poetry expert – a review on the (alleged) first book of Spam Poetry:

[2013-04-16] Impolite and Humiliating Spam and Why We Really Need Tags for Spam Comments More than Time Machines, a poem made from nasty spam only.

[2013-04-04] Spam Poets Write Weird Things was a Search Term Poem. For the first time the title of a blog post was borrowed from a search term. Since search terms on WordPress Stats started to repeat themselves I have also added terms from Google Webmaster Tools. On the other hand I introduced length ordering of search terms.

[2013-03-29] I Need More Trivial Content which was: A Spam Poem created from snippets of a blog post of mine that had been pasted into a spam comment in its entirety.

[2013-03-22] On the Hierarchy of Needs and Needless Things – not really poetry, just two search terms. But the post itself could be called art from the scrapyard.

[2013-03-03] My Zen-ny Search Terms: Where Engineering Meets Art Meets Physics Meets Geekdom. (And Rodents, Sometimes.) and providing the concise How-to-guide readers have asked for.

[2013-02-13] Turning Flattering Chatty Spam into Postmodern Art.

[2013-02-01] The Art of Error Messages. An attempt to transcend the genre.

[2013-01-24] Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Not Recognizing It. What a let-down:.

[2013-01-18] Spam Poems and Search Terms Poems: Preliminary Results. I have started a movement – this is an account of its history.

[2013-01-14] Taking Crowdsourcing of Art to the Next Level? by including spam comments in my poems, in addition to search terms.

[2012-12-31] 2012: The Year We Make Contact. The end of the year and some some life events are celebrated in a search term poem:

[2012-12-12] The very first search term poem saw the light of the blogospheric day: Crowdsourcing of Art: Poetry from Search Terms.