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Been here since the 1990s. When we read The Cluetrain Manifesto and said:

Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy.

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[2018-10-14] Cyber Something. I tried to tackle a ‘serious’ question about terminology – using methods closer to my approach for creating internet poetry. Am I in Cyber Security?

[2018-03-18] Let Your Hyperlinks Live Forever! I wrote something like an anti-linkrot-manifesto. Seems I have turned into a grumpy web dinosaur, so that genre is really my thing!

[2018-02-03] Bots, Like This! I am an Ardent Fan of HTTPS and Certificates! This is an experiment in Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, whatever.

[2017-10-21] The Orphaned Internet Domain Risk. I might own too many domains, but I am reluctant to abandon one after I found out about this: Malvertizers may re-use an expired domains – using your former content available on public archives.

[2017-09-29] Computers, Science, and History Thereof. What I have been reading / am reading these days. Some of that directly web-related, some of that explaining the culture and history where it came from.

[2017-06-06] Other People Have a Life – I Have Domains. Yet another navel-gazing update on some website changes that will most likely not intrigue anybody.

[2017-03-04] The Stages of Blogging – an Empirical Study. What I learned in 5 years of blogging on WordPress. Looking back on mainly the less technical early writing here.

[2016-09-30] Internet of Things. Yet Another Gloomy Post. Some thoughts about recent DDoS attacks – about the tension between being an independent neutral netizen and being plugged in to an inescapable matrix, maybe beneficial but Borg-like nonetheless.

[2016-06-10] Have I Seen the End of E-Mail? It seems The Web has become a scary place.

[2016-03-18] Anniversary 4 (4 Me): “Life Ends Despite Increasing Energy”. Some statistics after four years of blogging on No, not statistics on views and visitors but my own Excel analysis of the number of posts in categories over the years.

[2015-11-01] Shortest Post Ever. Update – my new personal site is live.

[2015-10-29] Random Things I Have Learned from My Web Development Project. It’s nearly done! Looking back on 20 years ‘on the web’.

[2015-09-18] My Flat-File Database. My new websites’ database is equivalent to a bunch of text files. I am going to use standard SQL queries to retrieve content and meta-data from the file contents and the file name.

[2015-08-17] Interrupting Regularly Scheduled Programming … I am going to re-do my websites from scratch.

[2015-04-29] Finally Mobile-Friendly! (How I Made Googlebot Happy). A late boot camp in responsive web design, to meet the bare minimum requirements.

[2015-02-25] About 14,5 Random Thoughts on Blogging and Social Media. I got the hang of manifesto writing!

[2015-01-23] All My Theories Have Been Wrong. Fortunately! Final and embarrassing update in this series.

[2015-01-09] Looking for Patterns – an update on my Google ranking / website’s hack disaster.

[2014-12-20] Waging a Battle against Sinister Algorithms. Inspecting your Google page impressions could turn out to be a humbling experience. Let alone discovering your website was hacked.

[2014-10-25] The More Content You Have Created… the more time you need for curating. Why I am obsessed with hand-crafted list of links.

[2014-06-15] I Picked the Right Blogging Platform! Book review of The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun. Asyncronous, remote collaboration – by enthusiastic geeks. This is my preferred work-style, too, I can relate a lot!

[2014-05-17] I Am Too Googleable! What the title says – I am hiding in plain sight.

[2014-05-05] Blog Cleanup – Raking the Virtual Zen Garden Again. Announcing the new menu bar – links to new pages (as this one) that list all blog posts and associate them with a new kind of ‘categories’.

[2014-03-05] The Web As I Want to Remember It: On ancient, yet very functional websites, my related nostalgia, and responsive designs. Minor rants included.

[2014-01-29] Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere – Again! Bestowing my infamous award for the second time to a life-form who nearly could do an earth sandwich with me.

[2013-12-10] Should This Blog Be Cast in Stone and Live Forever? What does it mean to die … on the web?

[2013-12-02] Using Social Media in Bursts. Is. Just. Normal. On modelling the behavior of so-called intelligent life-forms using analogies from physics, and how that matches my anecdotal experience.

[2013-07-16] Unplug Myself: First Update. Saying hello before returning to the real world for some more weeks.

[2013-06-20] What Is Normal? (My Way of Announcing Blogging Time) An experiment in going offline (for about 1,5 months finally).

[2013-05-30] Creepy Game of Life: Are we becoming gamified bots?

[2013-05-24] Do I Have an Opinion on Education at Large and on MOOCs in Particular? (Of course I have – too obvious use of a rhetoric device).

[2013-05-17] The BLAHS #4–Geek of the Year: That’s me!

[2013-05-14] I Screwed It up – I Feel Stupid: You can always have fun with your own mistakes!

[2013-05-09] Kicking off the ILFB Award: Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere: A blog award of my own making – bestowed upon the geekiest biologist.

[2013-05-06] On Social Media and Networking (Should Have Been a Serious Post, Turned out Otherwise): My personal internet manifesto including “gems” such as The internet is a weird place, fortunately!

[2013-05-02] Missing Policies for the Mad Tea Party and What to Learn from The Jabberwocky: Post-mortem analysis of the most recent award nomination process having run wild. Bonus: Funny internet RFC.

[2013-04-30] Liebster Blog Award: This Time I Try to Respond in a More Normal Way: I tried, really.

[2013-04-20] On Time Travelling: Rigorous Categorization of Science Fiction Movies: Not about physics – but about logical consistency of time-travel movies. Should be part of the internet’s consciousness.

[2013-04-13] Intercontinental Discourse on Cheery 1960s Commercials: Pre-internet, but turned into memes now.

[2013-04-04] Professional Online Persona or: What Are Your Skills? LinkedIn’s endorsements game has inspired me.

[2013-04-08] On Writing or: What Do I Need to Smoke to Understand Your Websites? As meta as is can get. And the question was a literal quote.

[2013-03-24] Blogging Anniversary with Post No. 63. Equal to: 42 Plus (42 Divided by 2): One year on WordPress – quite a party!

[2013-03-22] On the Hierarchy of Needs and Needless Things: WordPress blogging on top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Cartoon).

[2013-02-18] My Google Searches Might Heat Your Home: The web meets engineering – this is really about heating.

[2012-12-17] Website Resurrection: Status Report: I am really serious about keeping my three ‘personal’ non-blog websites.

[2012-12-03] F as in Finally: I. Am. On. Facebook! After Years of social media denial!

[2012-12-01] Less Irony: A short note to myself – do we need less irony on the web?

[2012-11-30] Retro-Geek: On the Fascination of Machinery: Always late to memes and trends, I have discovered steampunk.

[2012-11-16] Microwave Ovens Are Not Rodent-Ready: One of the top posts on this blogs. I am happy to help out fellow netizens with their issues with mice in microwaves.

[2012-11-14] How to Avoid Exponential Inflation or How to Respond Appropriately to an Award Nomination: The post that might have triggered all that nonsense listed above.

[2012-11-06] Discovering Your Life Being Cliché: Better not google your allegedly brilliant original ideas.

[2012-10-14] Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground: If there was ever a geeky manifesto – then this. Re-reading The Cluetrain Manifesto.

[2012-09-23] The Website Resurrection Project: I am webmaster in the old-fashioned sense of a bunch of ancient ASP-based sites. And I cannot let go of them.

[2012-07-27] A Blank Sheet of Paper: On the pleasure of starting from scratch (re web activities, mainly).

[2012-06-17] Hansoms and Wires Re: The Complete Sherlock Holmes: All 4 Novels and 56 Short Stories – and why the Victorian life-style described therein feels familiar to the digital native.

[2012-04-05] Shallow Waters and Deep Reading: Does the internet make us (me) stupid? Re: The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

[2012-03-25] My Blog Name Corresponds to a Mistyped Term: But I am determined to make elkement a household word.

[2012-03-25] Clandestine Blogging: This blog started in pseudonymous fashion – and not shared to social media.

[2012-03-24] From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard: First post ever – finally entering the world of web 2.0.