Life, Work, and Random Musings

Random thoughts on (my) life and (my) work.

Scrolling down this list it seems way too serious too me – I think I tend to mull on already resolved things with hindsight but rather not post too extensively about the bright side of life. Which is weird as I have never been happier. The Web Page (pun intended) is maybe more fun and as characteristic for yours truly.

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[2017-05-08] Ploughing Through Theoretical Physics Textbooks Is Therapeutic. Meta thoughts on my life-long re-learning of phyiscs, triggered by an article about psychological research: Corporate speak makes you dumber, thus I needed to replace it by mathematical derivations.

[2016-10-21] Same Procedure as Every Autumn: New Data for the Heat Pump System: Mostly not-life-related news, but I cannot resist celebrating the anniversary a little bit – four years after starting up the system.

[2016-07-14] Self-Sufficiency Poetry. Primarily a light summer nonsense post. But on the other hand we are actually determined to increase our self-sufficiency in the most general sense, that is: also considering our hobbyist gardening.

[2015-08-01] Travelling Like Spam Poetry. Finally explaining how I really made life-altering decisions. In 2005 The Chief Engineer and I visited more than 100 villages whose names started with letter Z.

[2015-06-11] Update on Edible ‘Weed’. This is an update to my catalogue of edible wildflowers in our lawn meadow.

[2015-05-25] Social Debt (Tech Professional’s Anecdotes). As a professional it is hard to avoid them: People who to want to pick your brain and just like to have 5 minutes so you can glance over their problems. For free.

[2015-04-10] If It Only Would Be Edible … I sincerely enjoy eating wild flowers growing in our garden.

[2015-03-27] Anatomy of a Decision (1) Revisiting a post written 3 years ago, which was about a major career and life decision taken 4 years ago: IT security consultant working for large corporations turns consulting engineer planning heat pump systems for private home owners. And embarks on another degree program.

[2015-02-05] On Resisting the Bait. I don’t mean click-bait. I mean write-bait. That article that wants you to launch your 2.000 words rhetoric missile, and click the red button: Publish.

[2014-11-29] “Being Creative with What Is Available” Maybe the desire to build something from anything and to use whatever tool is at hand is the true connection between my diverse activities.

[2014-10-10] We Should Get Lost Sometimes – Nicholas Carr on Automation and Us. Book review of The Glass Cage.

[2014-09-23] Looking Forward to ‘The Glass Cage’ – Random Ambiguous Thoughts. Nicholas Carr’s new book is going to be released soon. I read such books with questions in mind – this time I try to write them down before I read the book.

[2014-09-20] On Learning. Trying to describe how I learn best – either by trying to solve a problem hands-on, or by wading through so-called hard theory.

[2014-06-15] I Picked the Right Blogging Platform! Book review of The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun. Asyncronous, remote collaboration – by enthusiastic geeks. This is my preferred work-style, too, I can relate a lot!

[2014-05-22] Career Advice – Borrowing Wise Words from a Sailing Hacker: My thoughts on a blog post by security researcher Moxie Marlinspike – I could not agree more.

[2014-04-26] Gödel, Escher, Bach, and Strange Loops: Nostalgia and Random Thoughts. Re: Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. Probably one of the three most influential science books I read as a teenager. Intellectual nostalgia!

[2014-03-29] Hacking the Biological Clock. What I learned from three pop-sci books about sleep research – and my not-so-balanced opinion about Daylight Savings Time and Early Bird Culture.

[2014-01-22] Generation X. (I Resist Adding a More Zeitgeisty Header.) About Generation X by Douglas Coupland. A novel about a generation stuck in a cultural void – quite literally and somewhat voluntarily. My generation, that is.

[2014-01-05] In Praise of Textbooks with Tons of Formulas (or: The Joy of Firefighting). One meta-post on reading: Why I read theoretical physics textbooks in the morning.

[2014-01-07] My Reading List – an announcement to keep a chronological list of books I read in order to find new ways to articulate what is on my subconscious mind (no less!)

[2013-12-31] This Year in Books: Biographies, Science, Essays. My pick of favorite books read in 2013.  I am hardly capable of reviewing books but I tend to pick books in order to answer a specific question.

[2013-11-09] What Entrepreneurs Need to Have: My personal entrepreneurial manifesto – inspired by Nassim Taleb and Frank Levinson. Customers are not people who like your idea! Remember the coconuts!

[2013-10-25] Fragile Technology? (Confessions of a Luddite Disguised as Tech Enthusiast) A review of Nassim Taleb’s ideas that struck a chord with me and my ambivalent way to deal with technology.

[2013-09-23] On Science Communication: Some anecdotes about my not having become a science popularizer though I probably was nonetheless.

[2013-08-29] Stargate: Succumb to the Power of the Ritual: That was a bit vain – sorry, could not resist. Happy about having completed my master’s degree programme Sustainable Energy Systems.

[2013-06-12] I Want to Be Antifragile and Have Skin in the Game. One of several Nassim-Taleb-inspired posts – blend of book review and random thoughts of mine. Inspired by Antifragile and The Black Swan.

[2013-06-03] Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Physics with Anything. On methods from physics applied to other fields, sprinkled with autobiographical vignettes.

[2013-05-12] More Capitalism, Less Zen. Tackling Existential Questions Once More. In Vain? Exactly what you expect from the title: Once more, my take on true calling, follow your bliss, or not.

[2013-05-13] So-Called Zen Capitalism and Random Thoughts on Entrepreneurship: On Randy Komisar’s writings and how I can so much relate to avoiding the Deferred Life Plan. (The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living by Randy Komisar)

[2013-03-28] The Largest Experiment in Applied Game Theory Ever: The only time every (as per 2014-04) that blog ventured slightly into politics. I was surprised by my own reaction, so I add it to the ‘Life’ page.

[2013-03-07] Work Hard – Play Hard: The new world of work?

[2013-02-05] On Addiction: An Announcement: A most essential post as this page should feature post that show who I am. As I am curating this link at 00:50, a cup of coffee next to my laptop – this announcement was premature.

[2013-01-22] Trading in IT Security for Heat Pumps? Seriously? Trying to make sense of career transitions – in line with the title of this blog like maybe no other post.

[2012-12-31] 2012: The Year We Make Contact: One more summary – fortunately brief and garnished with search term poetry.

[2012-12-20] Almost There: Celebrating a Special Day: Thinking about what happened this year – and about the long-winded road before (I did not know the one after, yet).

[2012-11-26] The Dark Side Was Strong in Me: From academia to IT.

[2012-11-06] Discovering Your Life Being Cliché: The ultimate truth.

[2012-10-14] Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground: It was again a landmark book that made me recapture some periods in my life that were funny in a way not expected. The title is a quote from The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual by Christopher Locke et al.

[2012-11-12] Physicist, Philosopher, and Engineer: A brilliant cartoon – how could I not relate to it.

[2012-09-30] Reconcile All This (Goals of This Blog): Should probably have been: Goal of My Life.

[2012-09-21] I Did Normal Science: Not a problem unless you have somewhat unrealistic expectations of the paradigm-shifting work you are going to do. Re: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition by Thomas Kuhn.

[2012-05-24] Anatomy of a Decision (2): How to take (job-related) decisions? I think I used a mixture of intuition and the pro’s-and-con’s-sheet approach.

[2012-04-29] Stupid Questions and So-Called Intuition: On many things physics, but also revealing (sort of) why I enjoy re-learning physics.

[2012-04-11] Anatomy of a Decision (1): Re-considering career paths.

[2012-04-05] Shallow Waters and Deep Reading: Re-considering my online and offline reading habits.

[2012-03-28] I neither Met Newton nor Einstein: Book-inspired as usual, but basically: How I remember academia.

[2012-03-24] Why Do You Want to Become an Engineer? Explaining why this is one of my favorite cartoons.

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