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[2018-08-05] Hacking. Connecting the dots… again: Discovered ‘hacking’ in the sense of offensive security and pentesting. Looking back and recognizing patters: It feels familiar as I even reverse engineered when people thought I had ‘training’ on ‘products’.

[2018-06-10] Infinite Loop: Theory and Practice Revisited. Again, a posting about learning: Physics, computer science, and engineering. Formal education versus hands-on tinkering. I do have the former, but still think my actual education happens via the latter.

[2017-09-29] Computers, Science, and History Thereof. I have accidentally combined three awesome online resources I am reading in parallel. They also serve as my personal nostalgic time capsules.

[2017-09-17] Tinkering, Science, and (Not) Sharing It. Getting nostalgic about my nerdy childhood hobbies, fuelled by the insight that our current tinkering is actually science.

[2017-07-01] The Future of Small Business? Starts out gloomy, gets more optimistic in the end. Many small businesses might become ‘hired hands’ of platforms (big vendors), but there is also hope for artisans.

[2017-05-08] Ploughing Through Theoretical Physics Textbooks Is Therapeutic. Meta thoughts on my life-long re-learning of phyiscs, triggered by an article about psychological research: Corporate speak makes you dumber, thus I needed to replace it by mathematical derivations.

[2016-10-21] Same Procedure as Every Autumn: New Data for the Heat Pump System: Mostly not-life-related news, but I cannot resist celebrating the anniversary a little bit – four years after starting up the system.

[2016-07-14] Self-Sufficiency Poetry. Primarily a light summer nonsense post. But on the other hand we are actually determined to increase our self-sufficiency in the most general sense, that is: also considering our hobbyist gardening.

[2015-08-01] Travelling Like Spam Poetry. Finally explaining how I really made life-altering decisions. In 2005 The Chief Engineer and I visited more than 100 villages whose names started with letter Z.

[2015-06-11] Update on Edible ‘Weed’. This is an update to my catalogue of edible wildflowers in our lawn meadow.

[2015-05-25] Social Debt (Tech Professional’s Anecdotes). As a professional it is hard to avoid them: People who to want to pick your brain and just like to have 5 minutes so you can glance over their problems. For free.

[2015-04-10] If It Only Would Be Edible … I sincerely enjoy eating wild flowers growing in our garden.

[2015-03-27] Anatomy of a Decision (1) Revisiting a post written 3 years ago, which was about a major career and life decision taken 4 years ago: IT security consultant working for large corporations turns consulting engineer planning heat pump systems for private home owners. And embarks on another degree program.

[2015-02-05] On Resisting the Bait. I don’t mean click-bait. I mean write-bait. That article that wants you to launch your 2.000 words rhetoric missile, and click the red button: Publish.

[2014-11-29] “Being Creative with What Is Available” Maybe the desire to build something from anything and to use whatever tool is at hand is the true connection between my diverse activities.

[2014-10-10] We Should Get Lost Sometimes – Nicholas Carr on Automation and Us. Book review of The Glass Cage.

[2014-09-23] Looking Forward to ‘The Glass Cage’ – Random Ambiguous Thoughts. Nicholas Carr’s new book is going to be released soon. I read such books with questions in mind – this time I try to write them down before I read the book.

[2014-09-20] On Learning. Trying to describe how I learn best – either by trying to solve a problem hands-on, or by wading through so-called hard theory.

[2014-06-15] I Picked the Right Blogging Platform! Book review of The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun. Asyncronous, remote collaboration – by enthusiastic geeks. This is my preferred work-style, too, I can relate a lot!

[2014-05-22] Career Advice – Borrowing Wise Words from a Sailing Hacker: My thoughts on a blog post by security researcher Moxie Marlinspike – I could not agree more.

[2014-04-26] Gödel, Escher, Bach, and Strange Loops: Nostalgia and Random Thoughts. Re: Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. Probably one of the three most influential science books I read as a teenager. Intellectual nostalgia!

[2014-03-29] Hacking the Biological Clock. What I learned from three pop-sci books about sleep research – and my not-so-balanced opinion about Daylight Savings Time and Early Bird Culture.

[2014-01-22] Generation X. (I Resist Adding a More Zeitgeisty Header.) About Generation X by Douglas Coupland. A novel about a generation stuck in a cultural void – quite literally and somewhat voluntarily. My generation, that is.

[2014-01-05] In Praise of Textbooks with Tons of Formulas (or: The Joy of Firefighting). One meta-post on reading: Why I read theoretical physics textbooks in the morning.

[2014-01-07] My Reading List – an announcement to keep a chronological list of books I read in order to find new ways to articulate what is on my subconscious mind (no less!)

[2013-12-31] This Year in Books: Biographies, Science, Essays. My pick of favorite books read in 2013. I am hardly capable of reviewing books but I tend to pick books in order to answer a specific question.

[2013-11-09] What Entrepreneurs Need to Have: My personal entrepreneurial manifesto – inspired by Nassim Taleb and Frank Levinson. Customers are not people who like your idea! Remember the coconuts!

[2013-10-25] Fragile Technology? (Confessions of a Luddite Disguised as Tech Enthusiast) A review of Nassim Taleb’s ideas that struck a chord with me and my ambivalent way to deal with technology.

[2013-09-23] On Science Communication: Some anecdotes about my not having become a science popularizer though I probably was nonetheless.

[2013-08-29] Stargate: Succumb to the Power of the Ritual: That was a bit vain – sorry, could not resist. Happy about having completed my master’s degree programme Sustainable Energy Systems.

[2013-06-12] I Want to Be Antifragile and Have Skin in the Game. One of several Nassim-Taleb-inspired posts – blend of book review and random thoughts of mine. Inspired by Antifragile and The Black Swan.

[2013-06-03] Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Physics with Anything. On methods from physics applied to other fields, sprinkled with autobiographical vignettes.

[2013-05-12] More Capitalism, Less Zen. Tackling Existential Questions Once More. In Vain? Exactly what you expect from the title: Once more, my take on true calling, follow your bliss, or not.

[2013-05-13] So-Called Zen Capitalism and Random Thoughts on Entrepreneurship: On Randy Komisar’s writings and how I can so much relate to avoiding the Deferred Life Plan. (The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living by Randy Komisar)

[2013-03-28] The Largest Experiment in Applied Game Theory Ever: The only time every (as per 2014-04) that blog ventured slightly into politics. I was surprised by my own reaction, so I add it to the ‘Life’ page.

[2013-03-07] Work Hard – Play Hard: The new world of work?

[2013-02-05] On Addiction: An Announcement: A most essential post as this page should feature post that show who I am. As I am curating this link at 00:50, a cup of coffee next to my laptop – this announcement was premature.

[2013-01-22] Trading in IT Security for Heat Pumps? Seriously? Trying to make sense of career transitions – in line with the title of this blog like maybe no other post.

[2012-12-31] 2012: The Year We Make Contact: One more summary – fortunately brief and garnished with search term poetry.

[2012-12-20] Almost There: Celebrating a Special Day: Thinking about what happened this year – and about the long-winded road before (I did not know the one after, yet).

[2012-11-26] The Dark Side Was Strong in Me: From academia to IT.

[2012-11-06] Discovering Your Life Being Cliché: The ultimate truth.

[2012-10-14] Burn the Org Chart – if Not the Organization – Down to the Ground: It was again a landmark book that made me recapture some periods in my life that were funny in a way not expected. The title is a quote from The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual by Christopher Locke et al.

[2012-11-12] Physicist, Philosopher, and Engineer: A brilliant cartoon – how could I not relate to it.

[2012-09-30] Reconcile All This (Goals of This Blog): Should probably have been: Goal of My Life.

[2012-09-21] I Did Normal Science: Not a problem unless you have somewhat unrealistic expectations of the paradigm-shifting work you are going to do. Re: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition by Thomas Kuhn.

[2012-05-24] Anatomy of a Decision (2): How to take (job-related) decisions? I think I used a mixture of intuition and the pro’s-and-con’s-sheet approach.

[2012-04-29] Stupid Questions and So-Called Intuition: On many things physics, but also revealing (sort of) why I enjoy re-learning physics.

[2012-04-11] Anatomy of a Decision (1): Re-considering career paths.

[2012-04-05] Shallow Waters and Deep Reading: Re-considering my online and offline reading habits.

[2012-03-28] I neither Met Newton nor Einstein: Book-inspired as usual, but basically: How I remember academia.

[2012-03-24] Why Do You Want to Become an Engineer? Explaining why this is one of my favorite cartoons.

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