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Using of content published on

You must not re-use my content (text or images) in your websites or documents without my consent. Attribution only is not sufficient. Exception: Previews of small images and short snippets of texts as created by social media sharing tools.

I provide technical information on this website without warranty, and I might make changes to articles in the future. Use my advice in your systems at your own risk. I link to external sites and try to fix broken links, but I can’t check links frequently – be aware of risks.

Data privacy for blogs

This blog is hosted on (Automattic) which means I have limited options to make technical changes. I once picked this platform deliberately over a self-hosted version – not because I am not able to manage a web server but because I know exactly what it entails to secure stuff.

WordPress / Automattic provides these notice for visitors of WordPress blogs (You :-)).

Last change of this page: 2018-05-29: Added this link – trying to keep up with GDPR-compliant updates rolled out by Automattic since a few days.

Storing users’ personal data

As a reader of this blog, you don’t need to provide any personal data and you don’t need a WP account. If you are logged on to WP, your identity is indicated with likes and comments. If you comment as a non-WP user, you can make up an e-mail address and a user name (Of course, e-mail notifications for replies will not work then). However, your IP address is logged for security reasons, as well as the entered e-mail address and user name. I don’t process these data, but they are shown to me in the WP admin console.

If you follow my blog or comments via e-mail, WordPress will store your e-mail address. You can unsubscribe given the information in the notification e-mails.

As a WP blog admin I don’t have access to technical server logs and IP addresses of viewers. I only see aggregate statistics with information about e.g. viewers per day, but I cannot identify individual users.

WordPress, Gravatar, Jetpack plugin, and their cookies and tracking

WP / Automattic may track WP users cross different WP sites by using scripts or cookies related to WP or Gravatar. For details see the Cookie Policy  – this page also gives advice on blocking cookies. If you turn off all scripts and forbid all third-party cookies – e.g. by setting all of Brave browsers shields to ‘up’ – the content will still show fine. The WP platform and Automattic also uses scripts hosted on or cookies related to [name], [name], and [name]

Gravatar is a ‘platform’ used to display icons associated with WordPress users and their e-mail addresses. It facilitates to show a unique thumbnail icon for every WordPress user who likes / comments / blogs, but it also creates an icon for non-Wordpress commentators – from a hash of the e-mail address they enter.

Jetpack is a plugin automatically installed on hosted blogs, and it provides e.g. social functionality – likes, comments – security, and statistics. By the beginning of April they released a GDPR-related features for and upcoming changes for the hosted version are just being rolled out.

Content on other domains

Images for are hosted by WP at and the secondary name of this site is

I am also embedding images from in some posts according to allowed terms of usage.

Tracking by social media platforms

Social media buttons shown at the end of each post might set cookies or allow tracking of users in some way (E.g.: Calls to I removed social media buttons per 2018-04-12, but I expect that WordPress / Jetpack’s social features will add compliant functionality. This blog’s main page may call the Twitter widget script on but the actual widget is not used. For details see the privacy statements of the platforms involved: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Embedded videos

A few articles showed embedded Youtube videos. If such an article was displayed Youtube (Google) cookies could be set and the server of the ad network was contacted. I removed all embedded videos per 2018-04-12.


Once upon a time, there were funny concluding remarks: About how un-subversive this page is, for a Subversive Element. I removed them because this is not fun any more.