elkemental Gallery

I am featuring selected series of my digital physics/math artworks here!

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If you are interested in high-resolution versions for creating prints (I recommend acrylic prints), or if you would like to license digital images, please contact me at elkement [insert the usual symbol] outlook [insert a dot] com.

Please respect my copyright – each image is the result of elaborate custom coding and research. Images shown here are for personal / internal use only, so do not use them without my written consent. Attribution is not sufficient.

Experiments with Diffraction Art.

Putting diffraction patterns on cylindrical “screens” again, exploring the hyperspace of the parameters that describe these structures built from simple “wire loops”! Few lines versus many lines versus dots. From red to violet or from violet to red. Inverting the spectral colors. Vary number, width, and distance of slits in the diffraction grating.

Each line is the mathematically exact representation of the intensity of diffracted light of the wavelength corresponding to the color of the line.

Stargate of Diffraction.

Diffraction patterns: Intensity versus wavelength generated by a diffraction grating of a few slits, for a range of spectral colors. The color of each line represents the exact wavelength of light that generates this diffraction pattern. Weighted by the intensity of blackbody radiation, the temperature being a bit lower than that of the sun. Somewhat realistic parameters of the grating, like the distance of the slits being a few thousand nanometers, and the width of the slit being a few hundred nanometers.

Reality and Imagination – Circled.

Real and imaginary part of complex function 1/z – two towers built from circular discs of decreasing diameter, with points on the circumference aligned.  Rather than showing their curved surfaces, I am tracing out paths – closed lines on these surfaces. The structures evocative of alien life forms or space ships. Signals from such space ships. Beacons of hope, maybe. Confusing, alien, signals of hope in the darkness. Again inspired by Ukraine’s national colors.

Alien Operation – Patent Art

A collage of patent drawings from the 1900s, images selected in a process similar to creating Found Poetry from internet search terms. Alien’ is the seed word – feed into Google Patents search. I pick an image from the first patent found, and select one term from the patent file – to become the next search term. My rule: Images must not be rearranged, and there needs to be a connection between an image from the last series and one image from this one.

Temperature Waves.

An oscillation is imprinted on the surface of the earth by gradually changing solar energy. At ‘infinite’ distance beneath ground level the temperature is constant. Sets of the sinusoidal waves, repeating themselves year after year, and sets of the exponential spatial change of temperature at a certain point of time. Moving deeper into the earth, the amplitudes become smaller, and there is a time lag until maxima appear.

Jellyfish of Diffraction.

Diffraction patterns for visible light. I tack them to an imaginary semi-circular screen. Screens grow bigger in radius with increasing wavelength – growing more reddish. If every wavelength would be diffracted in the same way, all peaks would lie on a radius of the circle. But as red is diffracted more, maxima move to higher angles. I am turning the patterns, and looking at them from different angles, and I cannot unsee the jellyfish.

Plural Form.

Digital collage. Multiple copies of Figure 4 of US patent US2453164A – Plural Grating Spectrograph. Rainbow-colored to hint at the purpose of the invention.
Playfully transformed to hint at engineering being a creative pursuit. A tribute to the appeal of antique technical drawings, created in the pre-software era. Modest, yet sublime.

True Colors.

I have picked two colors. They shall shine in the dark. My tribute to Ukraine’s national colors. Created at the day of the invasion, Feb. 24, 2022. Math details: Real and imaginary parts of complex function 1/z. Figures are created with mathematics software and custom code. Both yellow and blue part of the structure are built from wire loops of constant real / imaginary part (parametric plots).

Ribbon of Diffraction.

Diffraction patterns for visible light; red is diffracted more than blue. Curves are displaced to turn the whole structure into a wavy ribbon built from colored wires or threads. Each pattern is a three-dimensional parametric curve created with mathematics software and code. The pattern for diffraction by a single slit forms an envelope of the pattern caused by interference of light emerging from different slits. The diffraction grating would turn a beam of white sunlight into an overlay of patterns for different colors. Sunlight corresponds to a temperature of several thousand Kelvin, so I weighted the curves with Planck’s blackbody distribution.

Lone Black Telephone.

Pencil drawing, drawn ‘negatively’ on white paper, scanned, inverted. Completed on February 23, hours before the world turned dark. Functional Tischfernsprecher W48 rotary phone, a German post-WWII icon, salvaged from the darkroom of a former nuclear science research center.