Electromagic ~~~ Appeal of Antique Scientific Instruments

A collage of images and a collage of words.

The images are public domain technical drawings related to electromagnetism. The lines of the poem are my prompts, followed by phrases from the first Google search results prompted by it.



explore the illuminating history
seamless and unforgettable

Metal and Wood
memory building
work stands alone

with the respect it deserves
original or bespoke

Functional and Beautiful
Associations with historical and archetypal
a secret, magic garden in the sky

Collage of public domain technical drawings of vintage scientific instruments.

Tranquility of the Laboratory
the painstaking processes of old
create a serene environment

Capture the machine’s inner workings
a glimpse back in evolutionary time
subject to change

Steampunk Spaceships
Gears seen on the surface
Starry Grandeur

Still Working after Decades
A paradox. An irony.
the best of all worlds



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