They Shall Shine in the Dark

On February 24 I wrote: They shall shine in the dark.

I use this sentence as a seed for Twitter search poetry – interlacing poetry with temperature waves again .


They shall shine in the dark

The interstellar void
going down much faster
determined to take over

under renewed attack
under the threat
A reminder

do anything
don’t wait for permission
step into the gap

what we need these days
protect those that are in danger.

Lives could have been saved
Tragic and indefensible

subsidized fossil fuel
Fuck off!

we’ll retake ground
and get better.

I would like to believe
every ending is also a new beginning

The unknown future
ethereal and translucent

holding a compass
find the map of our souls



~ Twitter search poetry: Search for the seed ~ pick a phrase from one of the top tweets ~ search for that phrase ~ repeat.

~ Temperature waves: Details on physics and math here. Brief summary on how I used SageMath here. I’ve changed the colors, the number of years, and how the curves fade into the background.

~ Ukraine support: I highly recommend Austrian grassroot project Cards for Ukraine.

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