Found Prose: Retrospective 2012-2022

You will not want to read this. Nobody does, me included. But creating it has been an interesting experiment.

I have been scouring this blog for sentences, one from each blog post. In chronological order, starting in 2012. I had permitted myself to re-order sentences, but I have rarely used that option.

The fountain pen symbols link to the articles.


In any aspect of my life, I tried to stay away from mainstream movements. ✒️︎ I once thought my true calling was to unveil the secrets of the universe – as a philosopher or physicist. ✒️︎ I had specialized in applied physics, in particular solid state physics, superconductors, optics and laser physics. ✒️︎ I am aware of this: ✒️  I am comparing “academia” to the “corporate world” (the world of large global corporation), and I do not see so much difference with respect to selection mechanisms, the importance of self-marketing, and competitiveness. ✒️ It is hard to say if I liked all this or if I rather felt obliged to act in this way and pretended I liked it. ✒️

I can – and probably will – talk endlessly about what physics and IT have in common; actually more than what seems to be obvious and actually it is not “IT”, but some special subfield that matters. ✒️ I would not care about damaging my reputation as an expert. ✒️ Feynman claims that physicists do not really understand on a fundamental level what cannot be explained to undergrad students. ✒️

At the other side of the worm hole: ✒️ I planned to read a book not related to science and technology for the sake of distraction and light entertainment, but it has been a lesson in history of technology to me. ✒️ I found, there are recurring topics in my writing: suddenly I resurrect an old text that turns out to be perfectly up-to-date. ✒️

Historically, Maxwell’s equation that govern the spatial and temporal evolution of electrical and magnetic fields have been laid down before Einstein developed the theory of special relativity. ✒️ The fundamentals of Newtonian Mechanics can be represented in a way that is different from well-known Force = Mass Times Acceleration – being mathematically equivalent, but providing a different philosophical twist. ✒️ So do we understand the gyroscope intuitively now? ✒️

I considered physics the all-encompassing most general discipline in natural sciences and I wanted to become sort of renaissance person. ✒️ Though being considered an extrovert writer in the early days of the web (by people who have just got used to the idea of sending e-mails), all of my websites deal mainly with my musings on science and technology. ✒️ All my writing activities have ever been driven by the pleasures and pains of aiming at and/or being capable(*) of combining different aspects, properties, hobbies, professional activities, attitudes… in spite of an inherent tension or contradiction. ✒️ Is it easier today to do serious research independently? ✒️ Did hyperlinks subvert hierarchy? ✒️

The centennial light bulb has celebrated its 110th birthday last year and the story has percolated the web. ✒️ Einstein had spent part of his youth living near or literally in the electrical engineering company operated by his father and his uncle. ✒️  Every utmost obscure and bizarre topic I wanted to write about was covered in 1000s posts, tweets, and doctoral theses. ✒️

A physicist by training, a philosopher by self-proclamation based on reading arbitrarily picked stuff, and an engineer by just doing it: ✒️  Trying to find out how stuff really works, trying to understand all kinds of fundamental physics from original works and text books, and trying not to be overwhelmed by the futility of these efforts. ✒️  So I have proved by statistically relevant data (sample: N=2) that the microwave oven type SHARP R-775 is not rodent-ready. ✒️ Yet there is no shortcut for or replacement of a deep understanding of the math. ✒️

If you are good at something, this does not mean you have to do that forever. ✒️ Is it about our nostalgic feeling about an ancient era? ✒️ I am asking myself: Am I in need of Less Irony? ✒️ I desired to inhabit an online cubicle, including the experience of feeling part of the collective. ✒️

We do not even need to allude to spooky quantum stuff – just consider a classical system comprising tons of particles, such as a the air in a room. ✒️ So the patriot in me wants to entertain her readers with the story of a milestone in the history of engineering thermodynamics – set by an Austrian! ✒️ What is going on in the mind (or heart) of somebody asking such a question on Google? ✒️  Yes, I have come a long way: ✒️ So here I am: Aspiring consulting engineer in renewable energies, the transition period is going to end soon. ✒️

But after all: Do we really understand or feel the electromagnetic field any better as the sea of stuff that pops out electrons, protons (or the Higgs boson maybe)? ✒️

the darkside took me
combine 2 cliches
trying to be strong through art
nostalgia and steampunk
retro geek
being cliche ✒️

So do that yourself if you like :-) ✒️ Now it sounds borderline crackpot to me. ✒️ What about re-mixing content like that? ✒️ But finally my time has come: I have started a viral, grassroot movement – bridging the chasm between art, geekiness and procrastinating by means of The Net. ✒️ Our facebook tagline says (translated from German): Professional Tinkerers. Heat Pump Freaks. Villagers. (Ex-) IT Guys. ✒️

I am a lousy historian of geeky art. ✒️  Temperature seems to be an intuitive everyday concept, yet the explanations of ‘negative temperatures’ prove that it is not. ✒️ On the other hand there is corporate error message art which is funny accidentally. ✒️ But I am getting ahead of myself. ✒️  Thus there is a chance that I make a fool of myself. ✒️

ever thought about writing a book someday?
make sure there are no hidden phrases ✒️

Yes – I got it, but it will not stop me! ✒️  It is straight-forward that I have to work on a heating system that utilizes The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. ✒️

Note that I will be travelling through a worm-hole and trapped in a parallel corporate universe when you read this. ✒️ If this was a fictional movie, you would expect it to be set in a parallel world with a dark secret tied to technology ✒️  Imagine yourself walking across a rotating disk, or rolling a ball soaked in white color rolling across a black disk and watch its trace. ✒️  However, if you would conduct such experiment very carefully and wait long enough for any disturbance to die out, you would actually see the vortices due to Coriolis force only. ✒️  My brain is stuffed with hacked smart meters and forces acting on kitchen sinks, so I cannot come up with an insightful explanation of my own. ✒️

In order to preserve the spirit of this post and to make my life easy, I will leave the exercise to the reader. ✒️  Yet it is as kafkaesque as you had imagined in your weirdest and most paranoid dreams. ✒️

Probably it is worse than that
there are other intelligent lifeforms on this planet ✒️

Now all the rings except the top ring are suspended – each ring connected to its superior. ✒️

spam poets
write weird things for search terms
crowdsourcing next level
work hard play hard
post modern art
narrating events ✒️

I might add a more balanced update someday though all the business administration degree holders who will unfollow now are not going to read it. ✒️ I dare say one of the reasons I am writing online is my desire to confront myself with my dated writing and thinking. ✒️ My alter ego, the Subversive Element started writing the bloggy weird website at night when I was a serious IT consultant by day. ✒️ Go indulge in this very retro black and white version. ✒️

Past few posts are out of track! come on!
the last several posts have been boring
I miss your tremendous writings. ✒️

So Douglas Adams adheres to the [3] Predetermined and Eternal Timeline Theory: Even if or exactly because the characters know something about their futures and try to avoid the outcomes at any cost everything turns out exactly as it has been foreseen. ✒️  A book like this can only originate from the country that produced Shakespeare, Monty Python and Douglas Adams. ✒️  Blogs ran dry and faded away. ✒️ There are philosophers and writers nominating each other back and forth, breaking the non-tag-back-rule and putting the causal structure of spacetime at risk. ✒️

Sense of humor is the definitive criterion that determines how well you will get along with other human beings. ✒️

The instruments that lag in real life, lag correctly
I lost track of what I had been performing ✒️

Is there any loophole left? ✒️ Abandoning the deferred life plan leaves you with the need to navigate through spacetime though. ✒️ I Screwed It up – I Feel Stupid ✒️  I argue that I put all my alleged smartness into overcoming that silly pride of an academic and just offering some services that somebody else really needs right now, no matter how menial or mundane former colleagues might consider that. ✒️

this type of discussion is futile
it’s time to be happy
I’ve added you ✒️

Earthlings, bow to me. ✒️  A humanoid life-form (or flawed android that tests his emotions chip) is tinkering with sort of a Hello World! command – sent to The Whole World literally. ✒️ I learned from the IT hacker community to judge people only on skills they demonstrate right in front of me. ✒️

From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard
I Did Normal Science
Sniffing the Path ✒️

Our digital social interactions become more bot-like and thus easier to predict, measure and aggregate. ✒️ I took all my self-irony pills in order to recover. ✒️

it seems as though you relied on
particular choices
no I don’t ✒️

We tinker at the university and we learn how to present it in academic language – probably this is the most employable skill you acquire as a graduate student of the sciences. ✒️ It inspired my experiment of putting my existing pseudo-blog websites on hold and start again on a Blank Sheet of Paper. ✒️  This is a recurring pattern I find in texts on my proto-blog websites, too – I post-process painful decisions though a reader who does not know me might conclude that I am mulling on a problem that remains to be resolved. ✒️ Hardly any geekiness included. ✒️

I am too exhausted to write anything coherent so I will provide you with some random factoids and opinions: ✒️ The more I learned about the power grid the more I wondered that it works at all – at that amazing level of availability. ✒️

zen capitalism ltd
wiggly lines
flattering poems
brilliant education limited ✒️

Since about 10 years I have been recycling my physics knowledge on a regular basis. ✒️ I argue that classical dynamics is most underrated in terms of geek-factor and philosophical appeal. ✒️ In a parallel universe I might work as a science communicator. ✒️  Your physics knowledge is like a messy landscape, built from different interconnected islands of insights. ✒️

what is sleek weak geek in a poetic term
unemployed philosopher ✒️

An attractor is the set of points in phase space a system ‘gravitates’ to if you leave it to itself. ✒️ What does it mean for search term poets? ✒️  Not looking too closely, this is a blurred patch or spot – a fairly confined region of space covered with points that seems to merge into a continuous distribution. ✒️

I had always felt at home in communities of self-educated tinkerers – both in IT and in renewable energy. ✒️ Probably I figured nothing can go awry if I don’t know too much myself. ✒️ The most enjoyable business relationships start with a client really in need what I offer – I do it – the client is happy and pays in due time. ✒️

I will just give you my stream of consciousness as I cannot make it worse anyway. ✒️  Science writer Margaret Wertheim gives an account of a 20th century giant trying to recapture Isaac Newton’s original discovery of the law of gravitation in her book Physics on the Fringe. ✒️  Power-law behavior, on the other hand, is the result of assigning different priorities to tasks using a distribution function. ✒️

Light is absorbed with the crystal
precious metal shinning
explained by their all-aroundness ✒️

Voice from the future: A few years after having written this post, many links have died. ✒️ Most popular search terms are submitted by students. ✒️ How did scientists organize their lives and research without computers? ✒️  As a so-called knowledge worker I feel that there is already so much ‘out there’ that the task of the day is not to try to be that original, but to consolidate, re-arrange, or – as they say today – curate existing knowledge. ✒️

do not fall
quantum boffin
with counterweight ✒️

Returning to my statistically irrelevant narrative this does still not explain completely why exposure to theoretical physics should make me better at analyzing faulty security protocols. ✒️ This is probably self-irony at a new level as Coupland’s characters, detached and intellectual as they may seem, just long for turning their lives into more than a series of unconnected cool events. ✒️  Rules related to it should be bullet-proof, unassailable for logicians and corporate policy nitpickers. ✒️

Natural phenomena featured by visual artists are typically those described by non-linear differential equations . ✒️   Normal people – and I think also geeks when they don’t operate in geek mode, e.g. in the wild, not in their programmer’s cave – fall for many so-called fallacies and biases. ✒️

I think I will indulge in that type of cross-overs more often! ✒️ I tried to resist the urge to write about seemingly random fields of physics, and probably weird ways of presenting them – but I can’t resist any longer. ✒️ I think there is no better exercise in becoming unimpressed by feedback, likes and comments than authoring a non-interactive website for years. ✒️

Actually, the question of How many years should the lifetime be so that I will not be bothered anymore until retirement? comes up often in relation to all kinds of validity dates. ✒️ If human beings are left to themselves in a time-free bunker – even shielded from vibrations caused by vehicles or the earth’s magnetic field – most of them are guided by a free-running clock with a 25 hours period. ✒️

fringe science theories
intuitive symbols
which is more important
to just roll over bump ✒️

Thus finally I really got started and translated the documentation of measurement data and systems parameters for our heat pump system. ✒️  As Hofstadter says implicitly and explicitly: Metaphors and context are essential. ✒️  In summary, I think I (we?) write and blog in order to remember or discover who we are, were, or want to become. ✒️ Some clichés are true.  ✒️  On the upside, I am not afraid of identity theft or surveillance anymore.  ✒️

You should look at the people working in a certain environment or industry sector and think twice if you want to become like them. ✒️  My job title is Science Officer, but we don’t have a Captain. ✒️

WOP is a weird reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. ✒️  Your science-fiction-style new refrigerator might go online to download the latest offers or order more pizza after checking your calendar and noticing that you have to finish a nerdy project soon. ✒️ They do meet in person occasionally, and costs of meetings in real live compensate for savings due to lack of offices. ✒️

I have a secondary super-villain identity. ✒️ Actually, I have a hidden agenda: ✒️ I am friendly patient researcher informing a company about a security issue privately and not describing that on my blog. ✒️

existential poetry
virtual zen garden
thought like time is never linear ✒️

I consulted with the corporate lawyers, and it would have been a legal knot hard to disentangle. ✒️

a great unreal dream
actual irony
when you con the destiny with your artistry ✒️

While I was taming Big Data, the Chief Engineer was fighting with plastic worms and snakes. ✒️ I was literally oscillating between the flipchart and the computer with my virtual machines – I had been compared to a particle in quantum mechanics whose exact location is unknown because of that. ✒️ We feel some playful affection to the gadgets we use but silently we dread our growing dependence on them – and we seek escape in dreaming up alternate realities – as working as artisans, with real stuff. ✒️ The Chief Engineer had heroically cleaned the emptied tank and used the ‘synergy effects’ of being able to do some other maintenance. ✒️ The idea to use a reservoir of water as a heat pump’s heat source is not new. ✒️

In glass-cage-like workplaces former machine operators or soldiers turn into technicians reading and manipulating representations of the world. ✒️ I am a water turbine fan, and every time I spot a small hydro power plant on a hiking map, I have to find it. ✒️ I rather say, I work on A and B, as odd as this combination seems. ✒️

after the first shock waves
Waiting for the vapors to clear
I Only Know Who I Am When I Am Somebody Else ✒️

But I know what it means to be driven by the quest for self-consistency in your life-style choices, your hobbies, and in the way you work. ✒️ Unfortunately this cannot be said for any appliance that sends data to a portal. ✒️

Maybe the desire to build something from anything and to use whatever tool is at hand is the true connection between my diverse activities. ✒️

to nurture and develop
anecdotes or anything else
Did you know that ✒️

Do some theoretical estimates first to get a feeling for the numbers, and to evaluate the feasibility … then build a prototype and monitor it closely. ✒️ My WordPress Blog Stats tell me I am obviously an internet authority on: how rodents get into kitchen appliances, about the physics of a spinning toy, about the history of the first heat pump, and most recently about how to sniff router traffic. ✒️

taking undeserved criticism for way too long
you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked ✒️

Learning from those patterns you could increase the chance that luck with hit you. ✒️ Currently we use only the upper half of the area. ✒️ I am concerned about gas pipelines traversing countries that make headlines periodically because of the next political gas crisis. ✒️ I tried to top the self-sabotaging effect of writing about my business website being hacked – as a so-called security expert. ✒️

It was the most persistent cold since 1739. ✒️ That article that wants you to launch your 2.000 words rhetoric missile, and click the red button: Publish. ✒️ There are more spectacular ways of triggering this transition than just letting a tank of water cool down slowly. ✒️ Blogs have a half life. ✒️ And we will not be able to contribute – by a hair. ✒️ Ice started to grow from the heat exchanger pipes into the bulk of the tank, our re-purposed root cellar. ✒️

Lean In
don’t hesitate and lunge for a goal
Ghost in the Wires ✒️

Thus I have decided to write the article I would have wanted to read when I once made myself familiar with this. ✒️ Near the point of maximum destruction. ✒️ Perhaps because I don’t want to repeat myself. ✒️ Thanks to this self-protection mechanism, the energy in the tank will not suddenly drop to zero. ✒️ So I once said when I laid down the scythe, looking at the heap of green. ✒️ This small difference is not too sensitive to changes in slopes: ✒️ so I let it move to the top. ✒️ I am not talking about humans. ✒️

Panic – what happened? ✒️ As a professional it is hard to avoid them: People who to want to pick your brain and just like to have 5 minutes so you can glance over their problems. ✒️ No, my next project is not building a Perpetuum Mobile. ✒️ It seems one line or sentence got lost or mangled when processing the original as this does not make sense. ✒️ I am sure I picked the most uncommon common name often in this post, actually I am not even sure about German ones. ✒️

Consider a cloudless region surrounded by clouds – a hole in the clouds so to speak: ✒️

search a poem related to the theme of the poem try again
practice everything in the universe
pump for ice ✒️

Using a heat pump in middle Europe I might have an unusual view of autonomy. ✒️ In the end, we managed to see 100 z-villages, driving 2000 km in about 10 days. ✒️ To achieve this, the solar collector is bypassed if ambient temperature is ‘too high’. ✒️ I feel entitled, motivated, or perhaps even forced to migrate to a new ‘platform’, finally based on true object-oriented programming. ✒️ I have preferred to create online text by editing simple text files. ✒️

It’s time to compare costs again, based on current minimum prices of electricity and natural gas in our region in Austria. ✒️ It’s hard to assign numbers to Black Swan events.[*] ✒️

Now the boring part is over and I scared everybody off. ✒️ Now I am waiting for Google’s final verdict. ✒️ The higher the ambient air temperature, the lower the output power. ✒️ However, in this device the water vapor mixed with salt brine is both the ‘refrigerant’ and the liquid to be heated! ✒️ We abandoned some gadgets and re-considered usage. ✒️

In past years I tried to eradicate it
a rotating alien-fighting device throwing darts
It is utterly exhausting ✒️

Components are off-the-shelf products, actually rather simple and cheap ones, such as the most stupid, non-smart brine-water heat pump. ✒️ In this post I am toying with theoretical calculations, but in order not so scare readers off too much I show the figures first, and add the derivation as an appendix. ✒️ No, you cannot power your home by one hour of cycling unless the only electrical appliance in your home is the equivalent of one energy-efficient small computer. ✒️ ‘Something’ – like heat energy – is concentrated in space and closely peters out. ✒️

Most posts now are based on original calculations or data analysis which take more time to create than search term poetry or my autobiographical vignettes. ✒️ Now our PV generator is operational for 11 months and we have encountered one alien attack, albeit by beneficial aliens. ✒️

energy armor
was last opened
across the universe ✒️

Heating boxes will get smaller, more compact, and more aesthetically pleasing. ✒️ Best result near winter solstice. ✒️ I also wonder if my Everything as a Service vision will provide a cure. ✒️ True backup systems need to disconnect from the power grid safely first. ✒️ Grown up, it will skillfully de-slime and kill aliens, Men-in-Black-style. ✒️

In the old times, measuring data manually sometimes meant braving the elements. ✒️

00 00 06 80 05 00 00 00 31 00 fa 09 31
00 00 01 80 07 00 00 00 d2 00 fa 09 31 00 27
00 00 06 80 05 00 00 00 31 00 fa 09 30
00 00 01 80 07 00 00 00 d2 00 fa 09 30 00 73 ✒️

Can’t we circumvent the paradoxes if we pair the impossible superior devices with poorer ones (of the reverse type)? ✒️ This seems to be a legal issue or has been presented as such, and I am not interested in that aspect here. ✒️

our personal fashionable ethos
As opposed to the isolation
produced by Zombie galleries
creating an irritatingly low experience ✒️

More cross-cultural info: I use thousands dots and decimal commas. ✒️ Can a compression heat pump be built in a completely different way? ✒️ So an ages-old test laptop was revived to serve as a router (improving its ecological footprint in passing). ✒️

Math-heavy physics is – for me, that means a statistical sample of 1 – the best way of brazing myself for any type of tech / IT / engineering work. ✒️ I wonder if Data Kraken is only used by German speakers who translate our hackneyed Datenkrake – is it a word like eigenvector? ✒️ Power cancels out and the result is an area, imagined as a ‘cross-section’. ✒️

But I extend this to even more down-to-earth analogies – such as the design of a carton of frozen herbs resembling our water-tight underground tank. ✒️ The longer the collector is on in parallel with the heat pump, the more energy can be harvested from air. ✒️

The ice energy is just the peak of the total ambient energy iceberg. ✒️ Living in separate worlds, sometimes colliding in unexpected ways, was intriguing. ✒️ Produced without crowd-funding and not submitted to contests concerned with The Intersection of Science, Art, and Innovation. ✒️ Mr. Bubble is fine and sane, as long as ice is growing monotonously. ✒️

Simulations show growing of ice and the evolution of the tank temperature in agreement with measurements. ✒️ It made me more detached, perhaps more Stoic when facing the seemingly urgent challenges of the accelerated world. ✒️ You can dismantle an old gutter without efforts, and without any special tools. ✒️ It will be interesting what the consequences for phishing websites will be. ✒️

Nearly all the volume of an N-ball with so many dimensions is concentrated in an extremely thin shell beneath its surface. ✒️ I have lots of Sacred Taboos, and they have served me well. ✒️ Now am just tying up loose ends. ✒️

so as many of you may know (though few of you may care)
my dedication to science ✒️

Can’t you program something so that nothing actually changes when you pick ‘Sun’? ✒️ A pivotal moment: What you consider tinkering is actually research-paper-worthy science. ✒️ It’s all subtle evolution and meandering narratives, randomness and serendipity. ✒️ Not-smart, not trying to be the universal energy management system, as the smartness in our own control unit and logic for managing the heat source(s). ✒️

If you ever feel like decluttering your websites and free yourself of your useless digital possessions – and possibly also social media accounts, think twice. ✒️ If one of the factors is much bigger than the other – if one of the heat exchangers is already much ‘better’ than the others, then it does not help to make the better one even better. ✒️ From that, you can recover another familiar definition of entropy, perhaps the more common one. ✒️

All you can do – from a practical / system’s design perspective – is to make sure that there is an ‘infinite’ source of cooling energy available. ✒️ So I did not get the software to to run, as I obviously cannot fix somebody else’s compiled code – but I could provide the exact information needed by the developer to repair it. ✒️ Actually, night-time cooling might be the main function the collector would have in a warmer climate. ✒️ There is Plutonium – Pu – everywhere in the heating circuit and the brine circuit ✒️ I would not write this post, hadn’t I found a version of this statement with a positive twist used in an advert! ✒️ But I could not have enjoyed it, hadn’t I locked down the gates of my social media fortresses before. ✒️

I am your disease
I’ll invade all your thoughts
I want governance of all worlds ✒️

But what if the equation of state is more complex and specific heat would depends also on volume? ✒️ I just think that our internet culture that embraces natural linkrot so easily is as broken as the links. ✒️ I’ve seen many different definitions in regulations and related software tools, and you find articles about how to game interpret these guidelines to your advantage. ✒️ Slowly evolving positive values – like PV power on a sunny day – are displayed as wild variations of signed integers between -32000 and 32000 ;-) ✒️ Cloud, what’s going on? ✒️ The answer might not be obvious because of the historical location of the log files. ✒️

Now that I am wallowing in nostalgia and scrolling through my old posts I feel there is one possibly new insight: ✒️ I can’t hack without Google. ✒️ Finally the elkement knows what smart monitoring actually is. ✒️ I tried out things, I reverse engineered, I was humbled by what remains to be learned. ✒️ I am dumping some equations here I need now and then! ✒️

Mid of December every year we all search the The Cyber! ✒️ The control system was turned upset down as well, and thus the Data Kraken was looking at its entangled tentacles, utterly confused. ✒️ I have accepted a benign version of 2nd order SQL injection as a fact of life. ✒️ In addition, you might want to separate the control bus for the heat pump from your standard CAN bus. ✒️

I had written about PKI before at length before, but this time I do what the Hollywood directors of blockbusters do – I write a prequel. ✒️ In such cases, I typically resort to more Windows registry forensics. ✒️

C:\test>forfiles /c “cmd /c set /p=0x410x420x430x01 >out.txt” ✒️

powershell -c curl -method POST -body $(whoami) ✒️

Again the token asks for the PIN, and I finally have a shell! ✒️ Here is my ‘silly’ unintended way to root the box. ✒️

My only goal is to keep my sanity. ✒️ However, the lack of telephone sanitizers might have catastrophic consequences. ✒️ It had changed me – personally and professionally. ✒️ I walked them through on the phone – providing support and a boot-camp-like workshop at the same time. ✒️

history came back with a vengeance
subject to change without notice
to serve as a peace broker, a bridge-builder ✒️

Like living organisms, like seasons, like universes in a crazy cosmological model my websites breathe. ✒️ The cynical intellectuals think they debunk and deconstruct it all: They invent The Plan for fun – the mother lode of all conspiracy theories. ✒️

He asked me to the window
A steel company has ordered a book from us about metals
set out to conquer the world ✒️

This cannot fully explain why a middle European country would adopt solar technology faster than sunnier countries. ✒️

srv-host=_gc._tcp.Default-First-Site-Name._sites.HTB.LOCAL,sizzle.htb.local,3268 ✒️

kinit -X X509_user_identity=FILE:/research/_Kerberos-Certificates/admin.cer,/research/_Kerberos-Certificates/admin.key Administrator@TESTDOMAIN.LOCAL ✒️

search has finally been rewarded
I have found something which helped me.
Will be back later
what a relief ✒️

such a drastic departure from ordinary ideas
analogies are thus liable to be misleading ✒️

we are able to give a meaning
when it exists
If we took different signs
neither of which is connected in any simple way ✒️

In the limit
the Lorentzian becomes
the improper function. ✒️

attach an exponential
for each half of space. ✒️

This function is defined by is its ability to ‘single out’ another function’s value at zero under an integral. ✒️ The message M is broken into blocks of numbers, each smaller than n, and M is also designed not to share common factors with n. ✒️ The integral over the real axis is split into a negative and positive part, and a small complex number is added to make sure the integral converges. ✒️

When a mechanical system is left to itself, the point representing its state wanders through phase space with time. ✒️ The engineer’s machine is not characterized by a single pressure, as the physicist’s vessel was. ✒️ But because it says of itself that it cannot be proved, it is true. ✒️ Whatever you present as art, somebody will take it seriously. ✒️

….”’,,,,,,:cldoooooddooooooooddddoodddo:::,;;:ccdxxxxxddddddddxxxdddddddddddooc:;;,”….. ✒️

Today we see something glowing at the end of a weird long corridor. ✒️

The closer it gets to the strange point,
the more nervous become its ripples of changing phase. ✒️

I wanted to use a brute force / dumbed down approach. ✒️ But Dirac was originally trained as an engineer, and maybe more hands-on than we think. ✒️

Nothing is “mere.”
being nothing more ✒️

When the ground finally stopped heaving
It helped demolish the complacent optimism of the day ✒️

He also published poetry later in life. ✒️ Maybe there is a way to hack this, but I tested something completely different. ✒️

traverse this landscape we call life
We are known for our willingness to listen
we hear more than words
It’s multidimensional. ✒️

The tavern is
de facto
Starting point for our fight
Now is the time to hang up your apron ✒️

At the beginning, The Land of Work may be barren desert or a messy jungle. ✒️

To perform
to confirm
and run
lo and behold
This can be done ✒️

Many counterintuitive consequences emerge
as a (halfway) redemption
close to the horizon ✒️

Looked at all that from above, a cloverleaf-shaped pattern emerges, traced out by the walls of the towers. ✒️ You hear a theoretical physicist translating pragmatic rules of engineering back into his language. ✒️

Grey and colorful.
Cutting through each other.
Chasing each other.
Meeting in the center,
leaning on each other,
forming an infinite line. ✒️

I am an experimental physicist turned IT security engineer turned renewable energy engineer … turned [some combination of all of that]. ✒️ Drawing by hand seems to activate some part of the brain that contributes to understanding, in a subconscious way. ✒️ I did not search for more proofs for circles staying circles, but came up with my own – despite the risk. ✒️ I’ve still been thinking about this elliptical cone! ✒️

Imaginary number i
makes an appearance
that borders on the poetic
It’s nothing more than a whisper ✒️

You measured the distances of points in the image, and looked up sample patterns stored in a large cabinet with many drawers, like a large card index box. ✒️ The Riemann sphere and the magic of complex numbers (his words) come to rescue. ✒️ It is more of a meditation on geometry. ✒️

Patterns have been distorted
the wavefront hitting the crystal
in many ways ✒️

Trapped inside the light cone
on a path of eerie fire.
Causally connected
to your past ✒️

Like thin white bones on black canvas, cartoon skeletons of imaginary alien creatures. ✒️ Boost it. ✒️ Each of the spheres is punctured by the same light rays. ✒️

Whatever happens
embrace the notion of
the North Pole
selected for aesthetics ✒️

Curves are displaced to turn the whole structure into a wavy ribbon built from colored wires or threads. ✒️

zoom in and out. I screenshot selected results.
Save my name ✒️

But this time I tack them to an imaginary semi-circular screen. ✒️ They shall shine in the dark. ✒️ In a research center dismantling its nuclear reactor. ✒️

In an attempt to connect the dots – in my life and on this blog – I singled out Be creative with what is available as a motto. ✒️ All these pioneers are different, and their successes or failures are different. ✒️

I hinted at this
a vast area of ground
describes the real world ✒️

We watch it today while we agonize about our dependency on fossil fuel from Russia. ✒️

[*] Broke my rules and added a sentence from a comment of mine, not from the post. Full paragraph of that comment (from 2015):

… who knows how markets for energy will react in a few years. It’s hard to assign numbers to Black Swan events. Our system has been and is economical, but one of our other main motivators for building it was also the rather grey swan of a national crisis after a shortage of natural gas …

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