Lone Black Telephone


It’s a relic of the Cold War era. It is black.

Once shiny Bakelite became dull. Maybe it was the chemicals.

It found shelter in a darkroom. In a research center dismantling its nuclear reactor.

There was no future for nuclear science after the iron curtain had crumbled.

It was voiceless, robbed of its carbon microphone. An organ donor for another member of the army of black W48s.

It is still on duty today, in the trenches. Repaired and healthy.

Fencing off ping callers who don’t know I cannot call them back.

Because there is no display. And no tone dialing. For Voice Over IP.


Lone Black Telephone by elkement 2022. Pencil drawing, scanned and inverted.

Lone Black Telephone by elkement. Pencil drawing, drawn ‘negatively’ on white paper, scanned, inverted. Completed on February 23, hours before the world turned dark. Functional Tischfernsprecher W48 rotary phone, a German post-WWII icon, indeed from the darkroom of a (former nuclear science) research center. Carbon button microphone replaced. It can only receive calls. It would be able to dial out if I installed a converter.


I am trying create found poetry, more on the process here. Google for Lone Black Telephone, pick a phrase from the first page found, click a link on that page, pick a phrase, repeat. Do not rearrange, do not go back.


lone black telephone

a violation of
access to the people

Healthcare supplies
capture and act
to minimize the harm

trigger actions in
organizations around the world

those bold enough
do not be afraid, and do not tremble



I try again. Now with Bing.


lone black telephone

I’m not a robot

You are solely responsible
Back to Basics

Never accept anything less than your best

Vintage souvenir
encrypted water proof black

May it be peace again



I see the pattern. Creating constraints for creativity is like constructing the labyrinth from which you plan to escape. Quoting myself:

Guidelines on Found Poetry say you should start with an idea in mind what the poem should be about – then pick phrases that match this plan. I for one don’t have a plan. Maybe my subconsciousness has.

I try again, one day later. Now with DuckDuckGo.


lone black telephone

One-touch memory
Depending on its lifetime

we may continue to assist
you can say goodbye
We are Advanced
dating back over 100 years

Information We Collect
All the versatility
any inconvenience

Who we are
Corded telephones

abilities of our Synapse
Brighten up your space

we use advanced
corded operation

power required
according to your choices
an elegant user-interface that doesn’t hurt

Trusted by thousands
purposes will be enabled
light or dark

powering resilient operations
callback will now run
We use creative thinking

What is the purpose of the interaction?
everyone looking increasingly tired
being out of order

Stay Strong



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