Celestial Boosted Poetry

A poem from my last physics posts!

I have picked unedited snippets from one post, starting at the bottom and moving up, then switching to the other post and again sifting through it from bottom to top. Lines must not be rearranged: the order is dictated by the order in which snippets appeared in the articles.

traced out by light rays

what happens to the shapes
a direction in space
the celestial sphere is also
interesting information

You don’t care where you are
only ‘rotated half-way’
The same applies here
You can change

think about the transformations
images on spherical films
degrees of freedom
a triad of null rays

we lose the information
You partition three-dimensional space
Each of the spheres is punctured
emerging from the zero point

there are two constraints
these are three equations
Counting dimensions
for any direction

In this complex-valued picture
time and space are rotated into each other
squeezing the matrix
all the paradoxes go away

Whatever happens
embrace the notion of
the North Pole
selected for aesthetics

move down along the surface
Boost it.
Paint an image
of a hyperboloid

I have been playing

The ‘image’ is pure html code – style attributes of empty div containers. I wanted to test if I can tweak the radial-gradient function to show my signature ‘wire loops’.

I created the html code with python and pasted it into WordPress HTML editor (as I cannot use style HTML tags or per-post style sheets here). The collection of colors is created with SageMath’s rainbow function.

The image is rendered fine with Edge and Opera; in Firefox the lines appear a bit jagged. This is how it should look like (Screenshot from Edge).

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