Elliptical Poetry

look at these towers

Using the map
creating a distorted image

projected up to the sphere
All connecting rays
follow this rule

Imaginary number i
makes an appearance
that borders on the poetic
It’s nothing more than a whisper

construct the proof for yourself
something of a dying art
avoid thinking about anything
there has to be some sort of symmetry
around the corner near the South Pole

Stereographic projection maps circles to circles - sketch of a proof

A true ellipse
you are enchanted
let objects interact
on the Fringe

thinking about this elliptical cone
being gently squeezed
composed of thin wire loops

wild circles, wild ellipses
along these extreme lines


closest and farthest from the vertical axis


A poem snippets from these three articles of mine, on stereographic projection, a geometrical proof of mine involving an elliptical cone, and visualizing this cone. Rule: Pick each snippet one after the other, reading the articles from top to bottom, from oldest to newest, without going back, re-arranging, or editing.

Lines and Circles

Circles to Circles

My Elliptical Cone

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