Secure Poetry: “I have been quite confident”

A poem from snippets of two postings on cybersecurity. Trying to carve words out of jargon. Details on the creative process at the bottom of the post.


I have been quite confident
I have been inspired
In this simple
way to find
both options

take note of
an extra stealth factor

I hardly ever visited the office
which is what sometimes happens in the real world

which was surprisingly easy
sufficient for what I will do next


Checking for the presence
she focuses on this one
with a physical token

to make it play nicely
key and ticket are held

you should never do that
it does not make sense
leave sections of old


I am prompted for
the basic components
that will also survive
when viewing objects

I have not seen any constraint
as I understood it
there is no tool

Establishing connection to
All rights reserved
that made my life too easy
but a bit silly


Now they wait
this time she picks
all the other attributes

For completeness,
the only thing I finally need
dies and it never finishes

then it is stuck forever
Relax constraints
follow other hints
try to keep it concise

in the future
eventually obtain
accidental co-operation from
their evil agent

To perform
to confirm
and run
lo and behold
This can be done



Sources here and here – the last postings of two mini-series, about technology I have been working with for a long time. I’ve built and defended it, and only in recent years I practiced how to attack it.

I collected random snippets from the first post on Kerberos, then shuffled them around until part of them appeared to be a complete poem. Then I mined the other poem on Encrypting File System for snippets that would make the poem even more complete.

The ornamental “garbage” is part of the second post.

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