Have We Changed After All?


A poem from googled snippets of text – details on the creative process at the bottom of this post.


Have We Changed After All
we’re unearthing the biggest questions

Why do we have such strong preferences
If we think we know better
struggling to believe that God will provide

traverse this landscape we call life
We are known for our willingness to listen
we hear more than words
It’s multidimensional.

a state of increased vulnerability
Disasters jeopardize development
You are a powerful force that can change

what attitude are we going through life with?
You may think that someday you will be happy
drag out this miserable existence in the hope of something better

The awful silence that had fallen on the panic-stricken crowd
did not last

If you are told to isolate, you should do so
What do I do if I feel well during isolation?

clear your mind of anxious thoughts
you take your mind so seriously
we are not our thoughts
they are just clouds floating by
from our vantage on the ground

continue to evolve
With the courage and willingness to try new things
Be Impeccable With Your Word
start using your words to speak of the solution




  • Google the chosen title of the poem, without quotes around it.
  • Select a snippet of text from one of the first 10 pages listed as search results. This is the next line.
  • Google the chosen next line, without quotes.
  • Select a snippet again.
  • Repeat until the poem feels complete.
  • Process search results fast, do not read web pages carefully, select snippets semi-consciously. The poem should be completed in an hour.

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