New Year’s Eve 2019 seems infinitely far in the past. It was the first day news about this mysterious disease had been published in my country. Yet it seems infinitely far away at that time, somewhere in China.

Today we see something glowing at the end of a weird long corridor. Despite horrible news, I try to focus on the chart of hope. Progress feels slow at the moment, and the end of the dystopic corridor still seems infinitely far away. But remember that a few months ago many believed there won’t be any vaccine ready before next summer.

If you try to depict infinity, you can reach it though. The corridor ends in a physical point. It is a matter of pixels and granularity.










Inspired by Douglas Hofstadter’s vivid descriptions about self-referential loops, ‘corridors’ and ‘galaxies’ in his video feedback experiments (in Gödel, Escher, Bach and I Am a Strange Loop)

Background images from Microsoft’s desktop Theme The Beauty of Books, available at MS Store a few years ago. It can still be downloaded directly from this Microsoft link.

Two desktop sessions looking at each other, based on 1) Looking at a virtual machine directly and 2) the virtual machine looking back, using a worm-hole through the internet, via remote control software.

All menu bars, task bars, product information etc. have been configured or programmed away.

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