Edginess: What I Was Searching For

First Spam Poetry since a long time! Every line is an unedited snippet from about 100 spam comments on this blog. Process:

  • View spam comments at random
  • Either pick a phrase from the comment or discard it, then delete the comment.
  • Jump to the next spam comment – spam comments can be processed in any order.
  • Lines of the poem must not be re-arranged later.


an edginess over
what I was searching for

I’d perpetually want to be
This text
It’s remarkable

right here
searching for attention
from start to end

I’m not sure exactly
but I’m looking into
analyzing these things
Exceptionally well

how much time I had spent
on the topic of
spelling issues

what I’ve read
seemed to be on the internet
a number of fine points
rattling great

ideas or techniques
running off the screen
I don’t know the reason why I cannot join it

center yourself and clear your thoughts
get responses from other knowledgeable people
the most vital information

take some of the load off
Can I take a portion of
the gorgeous ideas

just a little bit out of track!
I do not even know how I ended up here,
you know of the incredible discovery

search has finally been rewarded
I have found something which helped me.
Will be back later
what a relief


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  1. Irgendeine says:

    Thanks a lot for everything

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