When Will It End?

This is internet poetry – “found poetry”. Rules:

  • Google for your chosen title: “When will it end?”
  • Click a random search result, pick one phrase from the text. This is the next line of the poem.
  • Click a random hyperlink on this page, pick a phrase from this text –> next line.
  • It’s not allowed to edit or re-arrange lines.
  • Click a link … repeat until the poem feels like it has ended.


When will it end?

that is not a strategy
You are stronger than you think
Accounts of explorers who have discovered mammoth remains attest to this.

The life-changing power of fog
a dark, windowless control room
built to survive an apocalypse

paralysing fatalism
act together to lessen the blow
the planet has been changing ever since it formed

that only happens every several decades
a boundary-pushing blueprint for the future of the Earth
appeal for global ceasefire

set the stage for a recovery
An Unstoppable Movement Takes Hold
the consequences are impossible to predict

history came back with a vengeance
subject to change without notice
to serve as a peace broker, a bridge-builder

Game of the Century
Test new features
Unbox Therapy
Go there.
Isn’t that the exact opposite of what we should do?

life may exist wherever conditions allow it.
Space Technology That Never Went To Space
wow! you are good at this.
If you love science

nature has reclaimed its territory.
systems are immature and often tend to overreact
I think it’s going to be huge fun
I had the glimmer of hope things would work out
when the bombs started to fall

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