You Never Know

… when obscure knowledge comes in handy!

You can dismantle an old gutter without efforts, and without any special tools:

Just by gently setting it into twisted motion, effectively applying ~1Hz torsion waves that would lead to fatigue break within a few minutes.

I knew my stint in steel research in the 1990s would finally be good for something.

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2 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. Those gutters are an impressive size. (Our lesser rainfall probably accounts for our smaller ones.) Did you ever see any of those old TV shows with Lindsay Wagner, called The Bionic Woman? You can subtitle this post, the Brainonic Woman. :-)

    • Perhaps the perspective in the photo makes the gutters look bigger than they are? I think the extreme limit of flow of rain water in a massive thunderstorm should be rather similar everywhere, but the size of gutters should depend on the area of the roof covered.

      Unfortunately I did not know this TV show – I needed to google :-) Seems it took quite a while until this show crossed the atlantic ocean ;-)

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