Frozen Herbs and Latent Energy Storage

… having studied one subject, we immediately have a great deal of direct and precise knowledge … of another.

Richard Feynman

Feynman referred to different phenomena that can be described by equations of the same appearance: Learning how to calculate the distribution of electrical charges gives you the skills to simulate also the flow of heat.

But I extend this to even more down-to-earth analogies – such as the design of a carton of frozen herbs resembling our water-tight underground tank.

(This is not a product placement.)

No, just being a container for frozen stuff is too obvious a connection!

Maybe it is the reclosable lid covering part of the top surface?

Lid of underground water/ice storage tank.

No, too obvious again!

Or it is the intriguing ice structures that grow on the surface: in opened frozen herb boxes long forgotten in the refrigerator – or on a gigantic ice cube in your tank:

Ice Storage Challenge of 2015 - freezing 15m3 of water after having turned off the solar/air collector.

The box of herbs only reveals its secret when dismantled carefully. The Chief Engineer minimizes its volume as a dedicated waste separating citizen:

… not just tramping it down. He removes the flaps glued to the corners:

And there is was, plain plane and simple:

The Chief Engineer had used exactly this folding technique to cover the walls and floor of the former root cellar with a single piece of pond liner – avoiding to cut and glue the plastic sheet.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Wow, that is great! Thanks for your discovery!

    1. elkement says:

      I think this folding technique is really ancient ;-) But if you refer to the heat pump system – yes, that was quite a research project!

  2. Mysoul says:

    Wonder if there is a word for that kind of tangential thinking…You know one thing in one field and you could use it in a field that seems unrelated to the one you know. And in stating that, I have this other interfering field – Belief – that everything is connected/related. :D

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks for visiting :-) “Interfering field” sounds very physics-y – so I can relate!

  3. I suspect some satellite out their unfolds its solar panels in a similar fashion but the Chief Engineer was there first. :)

    1. elkement says:

      … and I suspect ancient Origami-or-similar artists used that method thousands of years ago :-)

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