Shortest Post Ever

… self-indulgent though, but just to add an update on the previous post.

My new personal website is  live:

I have already redirected the root URLs of the precursor sites, and Now I am waiting for Google’s final verdict; then I am going to add the rewrite map for the 1:n map of old ASP files and new ‘posts’. This is also the pre-requisite for informing Google about the move officially.

The blog-like structure and standardized attributes like Open Graph meta tags and a XML sitemap should make my site more Google-likeable. With the new site – and one dedicated host name only – I finally added permanent redirects (HTTP 301). Before I used temporary (HTTP 302) redirects, to send requests from the root directory to subfolders, which (so the experts say) is not search-engine-friendly.

On the other hand the .at domain will not help: You can pick a certain country as preferred audience for a non-country domain, but I have to stick with Austria here, even if the language is set to English in all the proper places (I hope).

I have discovered that every Tag or Category has its own feed – just add /feed/ to the respective URLs – and I will make use this in order to automate some of my link curation, like this. This list of physics postings has been created from the feed of selected postings categorized with ‘physics’.
Of course this means re-tagging and re-categorizing here! Thanks WordPress for the Tags to Categories (and vice versa) Conversion Tools!

It is fun to watch my server’s log files more closely. Otherwise I would have missed that SQL injection attack attempt, trying to put spammy links on my website (into my database):

SQL injection by spammer-hackers

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  1. Nice to see the project coming along just fine.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks – I am already working on the next ‘application’ :-)

  2. Michelle H says:

    There are a couple more links to that spammer below the one you highlighted. Do you remove each one separately to get rid of them?

    1. elkement says:

      The attack was not successful – this is just the entry in the log file showing the attempt to access my database, not yet a part of a website or database. All these lines of code are one long URL – the ‘hacky’ part is appended to a valid URL (not visible, black) as a querystring (after a question mark). It depends on the software handling such Urls (or equally weird entries in form fields) if the attack is successful. ‘Normally’ / ‘theoretically’ such attacks should not work as input code should be validated and anonymous users should not have permissions to update records in the database…. but there might be vulnerabilities in the server software or ‘forgotten’ standard passwords.

      1. Michelle H says:

        Interesting. I wonder how much resources spammers consume and if it could be considered a kind of theft.

        1. elkement says:

          60-80% of all e-mail is spam – so they use a lot of resources! Just checked numbers for web servers, here is a report from 2013: 60% of traffic from nun-human bots, half of them bad ones.

          1. Michelle H says:

            Wow. We are considering dumping our phone service because of the huge volume of solicitation calls we get every week. Our provider also maintains a website where all complaints are registered and investigation outcomes noted for phone numbers that repeatedly call through or get past blocking legislation or technology. Most of these are found to be local numbers hacked and “hijacked” by someone else for no good purposes. This sort of thing has serious impact on legitimate business while becoming highly intrusive in our private lives. I can’t imagine what it would take to reduce the imposition on line, through email, fax and phone connections. No one seems to be able to figure it out… Could be a wealthy business if someone does.

            1. elkement says:

              I have noticed more of those annoying calls, too! Typically call centers, located in another country, with staff speaking German with a thick accent.

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