Anatomy of a Decision (1)

Four years ago I tried something new – I took a decision and started communicating it (some half-baked version of it) without having worked out a detailed plan. One year later I started this blog, reflecting on the journey and this decision. So I celebrate the 4 years anniversary with shameless, self-indulgent nostalgia – reblogging myself. Besides, you might have noticed I did not write much blog posts lately in the personal essay / opinionated piece genre. Perhaps because I don’t want to repeat myself. And I commit the cardinal sin in the visual age – not even an image!

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Anatomy of a Decision (1)

About a year ago I have taken a decision and I am now taking a leap of faith. This blog is gravitating about this decision and I am writing now about a journey that began a while back.

I am finally working on plan A again, after I had been quite successful in pursuing plan B. I am not all sure where to begin with, and this is probably the reason I am writing a blog and not a book. So I will simply jump right into the middle of the story and select some menial and totally unspectacular moments that were important to me.


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  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Oh, congratulations on the anniversary, now.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Joseph – and by the way: Thanks for reading my blog! :-)

  2. Michelle H says:

    I left a comment for you only a short while ago on my blog, suggesting I am thinking of a change. It’s been part of the discussion for a while, and even as we work toward it, it doesn’t seem necessary to really share it. Only more recently, as there are some impacts this makes, have I spoken at all. I get why you just did what you did. Some things make sense, and there’s no point to allowing others the opportunity to convince you that you could be wrong. But also, there’s not need to let them convince you are right. It almost doesn’t seem relevant to the moment before hand, even.

    1. elkement says:

      When I tried to communicate that change I kept it to the bare minimum though – but I had lots of clients whom I needed to tell something at least. But not having the perfect pitch ready was also an interesting experience!
      I noticed that a few people were really interested in what I am doing – I was very positively surprised that some colleagues who only know me as the IT security expert were sincerely interested in my new ‘portfolio’ and the heat pump system. Some other people were not so much into renewable energy but they were interested in the change as such – thinking about their options, too.

      1. Michelle H says:

        If we really do this–and it will be a few years–this will be the first move that my husband and I have made together that will not be for his career. That makes it almost impossible to imagine. I suppose this is why I also don’t want to say anything… too much can happen to throw the plan off.

        You mentioned your consideration of psychology because of mediation you do at work. All my work has also required that skill; I considered law school, too. ;)

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