The Destiny of the Universe

… not what the title implies but Spam Poetry, harvested from about 530 spam comments on this blog. I keep to my usually dystopian-postmodern genre. Imagine somebody with a British accent reading it, and mentally insert black and white images inspired by Philip K. Dick‘s short stories. Don’t expect to understand it, it is like those highly refined artistic movies – wrapped in several layers of increasingly sophisticated interpretations.

Every line is cut out of a spam comment, no editing allowed except truncating at the beginning or end. For more background and the history of my search term and spam poetry see here.

This time I owe to spammers trying to promote games that obviously involve the violent killing of aliens.

the destiny of the universe

my honest, preconceived thoughts

a great unreal dream
actual irony
when you con the destiny with your artistry

gloomy and cynical futurism
that any mortal should avoid

you arrive from the Victorian England
in the known galaxy

dark and cynical sci-fi
forces an illusion
of that time gone by
When skyscrapers were first built

you are not understanding anything

what if i told you
There are undoubtedly more color options nearby

paradigmatic coal-black
started to be repetitive
one of the big deterrents to me

your deprecating coherence
is a potpourri

this type of despicable hypocirite
it will be the future of the human race

handing more control over
lets us progress even deeper into this sci-fi nightmare

armor and weapon
usually do not adhere to regulations
The glare of the goblin sparks partially blinded him.

player in cyberspace
heed your call of duty

I’ll certainly come back
through the dust
or snipe the undead beasts

talk with other mentors
emotionally distraught

men and women dressed in cartoon costumes

The cartoon is attractive
corporate, regal, or fair-minded

these crooks
reported to have ghost activity

space zombies
called Glass Collective
never publicly dated anyone

Put your prowess to evaluation
removing their skin

rapidly rose the reputation
conditional upon the execution

Disgrace on Google
the cosmic horror
We do know these people analyze

Numerous aliens in space will traumatize you
with the fantasy stars
Your toddlers shall like it

none of the visions has borne fruit
as a matter of fact

unsubstantiated distortions
completely ridiculous.

in public areas nevertheless

This cue
the echo
The spring of 24
most is inconsistent

the web
becomes a virtual community
something that we are hoping

i could truthfully do something to be able

Slowly return your head to the original position


Will there be a part 2?

the last sentence of the page

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Who would ever have guessed that it would be possible to distill meaning from spam? This work comprises quite a reversal of normal thermodynamics. The natural tendency is toward increased entropy, however you have reversed the process; imposed order where once there was chaos. Naturally, of course, the energy expenditure required to do this has to have been more than that released when the normal natural “order’ of words was randomized through spammification.
    But where did this order come from…and where did the energy go?
    Oh, dear, I fear you are touching on the mind of Cantor :-)
    A very nice piece of work, Elke. If you check your server log you’ll see several visits from Canada (more than normal, I hope) over the past few days. That’s me–I’ve been by at least three times reading this one.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Maurice – now that is finally an explanation of what so-called creative energy does! But the poem seems to write itself when I sift through the spam comments!

      Now I see the Canadian clicks :-) But I have to look closely as I have some – in my opinion – bot-like traffic from the US in the past days. I have encountered this several times in the past months and also contacted WP Support. Seems it cannot be proved or disproved – but it is very regular (a few clicks per hour, like one click every 10 minutes), only from the US, and only at ‘Home Page / Archives’ – and very different from the usual (‘human’) traffic. If the bots are at work, this is by far the majority of clicks I get (now you know how my abysmal my numbers are, haha) and thus I have nearly stopped paying attention to Stats.

  2. Joseph Nebus says:

    You’ve really got a good spam community here. I admit envying it.

    1. elkement says:

      I was surprised about these spam comments, too! Or probably it is just about “attracting” a lot of spams so that chances are high you will find some gems in > 500 comments.

  3. Many people use the word ‘unique’ incorrectly, and it drives me nuts. They say things like … gee, that house is sort of unique. I tell them that the word should be used in the same way you use the word pregnant … one can’t be kind of pregnant … one either is or is not. Something either is unique or it isn’t! So, what am I driving at? Elke … you are unique! Totally. D

    1. elkement says:

      Great comment – thanks, Dave!! There is a subtle irony (of the sort I really enjoy!) in being called unique when re-arranging arbitrary trash from the virtual scrapyard :-)

      But there are already other innovators taking that kind of art to the next level – and automating it:

  4. M. Hatzel says:

    Love this! My spammers lately are selling designer knock-offs or claims to enhance my SEO. They write some very boring text.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks – I am really happy about my spammers! As Dan said below I will hardly be able to top it … thanks to those alien killer game sellers!

  5. Marvellous, worthy of Max Ernst’s Hundred Headless Woman.

    1. elkement says:

      Haha, thanks! As usual, I needed to google – but I think I can take this a badge of honor!

  6. danielmullin81 says:

    Bravo! I can’t see how anyone (except maybe you in a future post) could top this.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks – I hope for more creative / artistic spammers and their peculiar products!

  7. Now that is really cool.

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