Crowdsourcing Poetry (Again)

This is Search Term Poetry created from terms harvested in the second quarter. I even owe the post’s title to a valuable searcher.

As usual, all lines are taken from search terms in WordPress Stats – no editing allowed except for truncation at the beginning and the end of phrases.

But I could not resist harvesting also some search terms also from Google’s Webmaster tools this time. There are so many ‘unknown’ search terms indicated by WordPress’ blog statistics which are most likely due to Google’s encrypting the search results.

Now … forget all nerdiness and technology … and just get lost in the overwhelming beauty of this piece of art.

[New readers, this was irony in case it is not obvious from the following poem.]

crowdsourcing poetry

attention seeking designer freaks poem
poems about overdue

existential poetry
virtual zen garden
thought like time is never linear

Time is never linear.

why does theoritical physics deny outsiders
false intuitions about physics

picture quotes never stop living
emoticons blackboard lightning bolt

Light and nostalgic emotions.

the theory of the water tank
for popular reading

classroom experiments with relativity
energy creating machine

Power Lines
Here is the energy.

spaceballs calculus
confused maths puzzles

greatest innovations ever
vortex garden hose

what is thoery of toilet flusing to find map location
hyperbolic decay

Tree at the edge of reason
Hyperbolic decay.

diy gas turbine
running gas line to an island through a vertical pillar?

find i a strangle loop-douglas hofstader wth articles
smoke ring letters

Smoke rings. Sort of.

poems in terms of electrical engg
information of tension change

what the user wanted
an equation for the perpendicular bisector of the line segment

The surface of the lake is nearly perpendicular to the sides of the image.

images of decease memerial
toilet duck in 1960s

is it normal not to like social media

Social Media.

what does the grim reaper do
cut anything

dark side of me is even more interesting

Dark Side of the Elkement
Me on the dark side.

to unravel me you need a simple key, no key that was made by locksmith’s hand, but a key that only i will understand.

memepool dead


For the bi-lingual poetry fans: Here is the German Q2 edition, also enriched with Google webmaster tools’ terms and some other but equally bad photos.

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  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    “Spaceballs calculus”? That’s great!

    1. elkement says:

      Reading the search terms you present in your monthly overview – you should do math search term poetry, too!

  2. It always amazes me that you can wrest poetry from this :-) It’s really good stuff!
    I have to admit that I visited your German blog the other day and let Google translate it for me. I THINK it did a good job as the site still looked like good poetry in English :-) I wanted to say “Ich liebe es” (Yes, google again; I hope it still means “I love this”) but then my son, who I was waiting for in the car, arrived and, so I got interrupted and, easily distracted as I am, I neglected to finish the job.
    Maybe it’s the heat–our July average has been 25; it never went under 22 last night and today it will be over 30, more with the humidex as it is VERY humid too.
    Today my wife, my daughter and I are going to Ireland for a few weeks and I am looking forward to the milder temperatures. My Viking blood craves the cool.
    I hope your summer has been great too!

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks – I have sometimes Google-translated my “poems”, too, especially my so-called Facebook Ad Poetry from German ads :-)

      This is my favorite translated “stanza” from my German poem. I manually translated MSR – which is equivalent to ICA – “instrumentation, control and automation”… but I find “control” more appealing in the poem:

      strange phenomena
      floating coffee cup
      control beyond camouflage
      refrigerator pink

      “Ich liebe es” is “I am loving it”, correct, but it is more German-German than Austrian-German ;-) “Ich liebe es” was McDondald’s slogan in Germany for a long time while in Austria McDondalds used the English version “I am loving it”.

      It has been hot and humid here, too, after it had been quite dry before. June was very hot – at same places the hottest month of June ever since measurements have been made.

      Have a nice trip to Ireland!!

  3. DAS says:

    There are always fun to read. When will they all be collected in a short book of verse? A best-seller (among nerds) to be sure. I want mine signed by the author. D

    1. DAS says:

      I meant ‘these’ are always fun to read!

      1. elkement says:

        This is the second time somebody recommends I should publish them – probably I should really consider that!
        Typos in your comment are fine – given the typos in the search terms that’s just the appropriate way of commenting :-)

  4. marksackler says:

    Ok, but now you need to take on the real challenge and do some search term haiku.

    1. elkement says:

      Better not – I don’t want invoke any comparison with your masterpieces :-)

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