Quarterly Search Term Poetry Results (Overdue!)

Due to my time-out from social media search terms submitted in Q2 2013 have not yet seen the light of day. Shareholders, I apologize!

Going for a new level of efficiency in creating poetry I try to anticipate your comments and questions. I have announced it several times: I am poeticizing your comments now! I am combining just anything –  search terms submitted by anonymous users, only known to Google and the NSA, with snippets of comments you have left on my previous post.

Rules are as follows:

  • Any line of the search term poem (including titles) is copied from the search terms as displayed in WordPress Stats.
  • Editing is not permitted. Words must not be cut out from the middle of search strings, but search terms might be truncated at the beginning or the end.

The same rules apply to processing of comments. Formatting rules for this poem:

  • Bold: Search terms promoted to titles.
  • Regular: Search terms.
  • Italics: Comments on my last post.

what is a professional online persona
quote life being a cliche
abilities in narrating an event

Ignoring cooking and flint knapping

why does a spinning top not fall over
gyroscopes are magic
engineering vs physics jokes
i dropped physics and i feel stupid

Todays challenge

can mice get into microwaves
jurassic park determinism
“control system” cyber security

I am very curious

how does a refrigerator work
information theory
spaceship glass panel
enigma chipper machine

you are even more correct than perhaps you were aware.

physic for everyday life
time travel movies
popular science books enjoy
what are some of the classical mechanics for a slinky?

Perhaps this is going back-in-time

zen capitalism ltd
wiggly lines
flattering poems
brilliant education limited

objective knowledge was limited by the capacity of human memory

theories of hard work
die hard 4
outdoor security
the tough-guy macho culture
the strangest man in physics

do your own electric lighting

poems on my new bag
skawee reweert
1960s commercials
art of error message

I am bound to like your choice

mad tea party physics
satire and technologies
garden hose to flush out toilet
timeline reduction in toilet flush

the more critical is the load

surfing theory
six elkements of weather
gone fishing “best out of office reply”

time has passed

no time for blog awards
funny comments on theory is much more easier than practice

And, this is calculated to help me sleep better?

This is how this poem sounds! SKAWEE-REWEERT

Edit / Update: Actually I am not able to find Skawee Reweert on any older article of mine. I had referenced it on my subversive website though which includes links to the latest posts on this blog. Why did it show up in WordPress Stats?  #NSA #surveillance #machinesgoingmad #panic

22 Comments Add yours

  1. Wait, wait … haven’t you omitted the most important part of the report … Skawee Reweert … I very distinctly recall a punctuation at the very end … bing, bing … or, is it bong, bong? Also, I am very much honored by the very last line. My one, and lasting, contribution to the world of poetry. D

    1. elkement says:

      Ha ha – very discerning, Dave :-D !! I have been made aware of Skawee Reweert (the T-Shirt) by a very geeky G+ friend of mine: https://plus.google.com/102124436175845750402/posts/gRCgsK9q4wm
      The titel of her post was: “SKAWeeeeeeeeeeeeeReWeeeeeeerrrtt!! Toon-Dun-Toon-Dun!!” I guess Toon-Dun-Toon-Dun is the bing, bing or bong, bong sound sound you miss :-D
      Please note that you have contributed a second pivotal line, too: ‘Perhaps this is going back-in-time’ – I was delighted by the way it matched the search terms about time-travel :-)

      1. I liked the t-shirt … I forwarded the link to Joanna asking her if she knew the reference (I’m sure she will).

  2. Bravo. Taking combinations into a whole new realm.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks :-) ‘into a whole new realm’ would make for a great phrase in one my future poems :-)

      1. Glad I could contribute and possibly inspire :)

  3. search terms from your stats
    blended; creating meaning
    subversive Elke

    1. elkement says:

      This is very Zen :-)

      1. Just my way of saying, “That’s fun and brilliant!”

  4. M. Hatzel says:

    Does “six elkements of weather” search term phrase mean you’ve finally conditioned Google to accept Elkement as a valid term? ;) I think I love the search term poems even more than spam, of which, btw I am getting almost none of these days. They must be blocked again.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks for quoting this again, Michelle! Finally ‘elkement’ is subverting the dictionaries!
      I feel search terms became more original again after my blog has escaped that infinite loop in spacetime, populated solely by search terms about gyroscopes. I am getting less spam, too – about 250 in ‘equilibrium’.

      1. M. Hatzel says:

        My blog is still most popular with google searchers for sod houses and sauerkraut. I could never have predicted this.

        1. elkement says:

          You should call your freelance writing business ‘sod houses & sauerkraut’! If this is not ‘creative’ (as in creative writing) I do not know what is.

          1. M. Hatzel says:

            :) Ha, ha! I would certainly draw regional attention.

            1. elkement says:

              … and you’d get lots of requests by German clients who plan to expand their businesses to Canada :-)

            2. M. Hatzel says:

              I’m academically trained in the art of Reading Too Much Into Everything (a.k.a. literature degree) so I have to ask… are you expanding to Canada? (!!)

            3. elkement says:

              Ha ha – no, unfortunately not! We are not expanding our business, not even in Austria! Currently, when I think about expanding to Canada as an Austria I cannot help but think of Frank Stronach. His running for parliamentary elections makes the campaigns in Austria rather interesting – from an entertainment perspective.

  5. marksackler says:

    Great, as usual. ;)

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Mark. As I said on Facebook – I am honored… Readers, this is why:

  6. I like things I can’t make sense of

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