Decoding Myself: Searching for Hidden Clues in My Blog Posts’ Titles

I am inventing a new experimental genre: Header Poetry.

I tag this post with Spam Poetry and Search Term Poetry as – theoretically – my headers could show up as search terms or skillfully drafted spam comments.

As an innovator in poetry based on recycled material I need to do this – in order to claim all rights to use this innovation (irrevocable, eternal – insert you favorite legal phrases).

The rules: I am using my own post’s titles in the way I have utilized search terms and spam comments before. I am permitted to copy any part of my own headers, but I must not edit them.

The top title (*) has not been recycled.

An Elkemental Journey(*)

Clandestine Blogging
Narrating Our Life’s Events
Shallow Waters and Deep Reading

Almost There
I Screwed It up
Theory and Practice.
Anatomy of a Decision
What Do I Need to Smoke
The Dark Side Was Strong in Me

Reconcile All This
Discovering Your Life
A Blank Sheet of Paper
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard
I Did Normal Science
Sniffing the Path

Time Travelling
Stupid Questions
Are We All Newtonians?
Do You Want to Become an Engineer?

The Largest Experiment in Applied Game Theory
Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere
Work Hard – Play Hard
Do I Have an Opinion
Is It Determinism

Why We Really Need
Less Irony

Burn the Org Chart
the Myth of the Toilet Flush
Spam Poets Write Weird Things
Microwave Ovens Are Not Rodent-Ready

I Need More Trivial Content
Needless Things
Postmodern Art
Being Cliché

Intercontinental Discourse
Brain-Dead Visitors
Mad Tea Party

in a More Normal Way

Have I decoded myself? Do truncated headers reveal anything I ever wanted to say anyway so that I can stop blogging?

Enigmatic Life-Forms
Enigmatic Life-Forms the Subversive Element sometimes interacts with.

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  1. we likes, also the new profile picture. No, it doesn’t mean you can stop blogging. I give you permission to use my headers for single and blended blog header poetry :). Single and Blended are transferred from Whisky terminology. I love Whisky, so that says a lot about your poetry

    1. elkement says:

      I knew that somebody would decode that better than me :-)
      As I said in another reply I might also try my hands at Comment Poetry. So probably you are contributing to future poetry of mine already :-)

      1. And by the way, your free to use anything from my blog and comments elsewhere. I’ve put it all out there under

        1. elkement says:

          You are giving me ideas, Steve :-) I have once created a ‘spam poem’ which was composed of snippets of a specific blog post of mine – as a spammer had pasted this post of mine – in its entirety – into a spam comment:
          I assume that your blog posts would provide incredible raw material for ‘poems’!

  2. Art is a premeditated way to allow chance to be revealed. Duchamp’s Three Standard Stoppages might be the first explicit demonstration of this. (Sometimes the chance is merely the chanciness of skill – the critical point in the process is heeding the realization that the piece might be done. Getting “all intentional” late in the game is a perfect way to ruin it).

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Steve – I am honored that somebody who really knows about art comments on my posts. I have checked out Three Standard Stoppages now – I think I know what you mean.
      When I created the first “spam poems” and “search term poems” this was really intended as a playful joke, and I called it crowd sourcing of art … before I realized that there is really such a thing as turning random utterances into art.
      The fun in spam poems is remotely related (for me) the Social Text hoax you have blogged about recently. I always say to my fellow spam poems that we will find some poetry journal that would take that poems seriously. If I recall correctly automated Haiku generators today are able to generate haikus that cannot be distinguished from “genuine” ones.

      1. And more by the way, your post has inspired me to write one about asemic texts, oulipo, pataphysics and maybe other things.

        1. elkement says:

          I need to google these – asemic texts, oulipo, pataphysics. Please write a post for beginners :-) I really hope that this comment of yours will result in very unusual search terms. My search term poetry activities have stalled as currently I don’t get any new or creative search terms currently.

  3. M. Hatzel says:

    I like your new visual make-over. I hope you haven’t said everything… even though you joke about being cliché, I have come to think that one has not fully explored a topic until exposed to the Subversive Elkement’s point of view. I was thinking lately that I miss your physics posts, even though they are challenging for me to read. :)

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks for noticing the changes, Michelle … I was in the mood for playing ;-) with stylesheets today.
      You are right about the physics posts – I miss them, too, and I am going to do something about it soon. My lame excuse for not posting more scientific stuff is that my science-related research and writing capabilities are absorbed in a block-hole elsewhere so I have to let the Subversive Element running wild to compensate for too much well-researched writing.
      But I am thinking seriously about writing a wild physics post :-) (… whatever that is – but I call myself such an innovator and first mover – I need to challenge myself!)
      In addition the discussion with the philosophers over at Dan’s blog (still ongoing today) has given me food for thought – I will need to reply to this, too! But probably I find a way to merge physics and gamification.

      1. M. Hatzel says:

        Thanks for pointing me back to Dan’s blog; I went in and got caught up. Very interesting.
        Understandable that science posts are on hold for work. Blogging about where we put our energies during the day can be draining.
        I read Digital Attitude’s post on profile images (; if your new image and blog look suggests a quick first impression it is philosophical, poetic, and thoughtful. You might have to less often call yourself a geek, unless you’re rebranding that term (geek is nice–smart and all–but there is a subtle difference). I had been thinking of redoing my personal profile and gravtar image, but now it seems I must. Maybe later.

        1. elkement says:

          Thanks, Michelle – I really can’t remember if I read Digital Attitude’s post before or after I changed the photo and the layout. It was an odd coincidence. Something subconscious wants to change my online persona, I guess ;-)

  4. When you say you combine just about anything you’re not kidding. This is quite good; I never would have suspected anyone could have constructed poetry this way…and for the poetry to be good :>) I believe you have successfully invested something new.

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Maurice! I was thinking about this for a while after I had noted that I have a penchant for long titles (one of these “HTML blah checker tools” once told me they were too long ;-)). I had this poem sort of ready in my mind before I penned it after scrolling the list of posts several times.
      Somebody recommended to somebody else (I can’t remember… I think it was on Mark Sackler’s blog…) to create poetry from comments on the blog. So you also might contribute to my future poetry already :-)

      1. Now you know that’s only going to entice me to make my comments more frequent and long winded…oh, I see; you ARE subversive :>)
        OK Game time. Do you know what this is? I came across it a few days ago.

        1. elkement says:

          Yes – this is the wave function of the hydrogen atom – gone viral – have liked it already several times :-)

          1. It is one of the more interesting things I have seen in a while. I am not used to experiencing quantum mechanics expressed in any other way than equations. It’s nice to see new things … or old things in a new way I suppose would be a better way of saying it.

            1. elkement says:

              To me it appeared similar to 3D figures of the wave function I have seen (those Legendre polynomes). Actually I thought this is the result of a simulation when I glanced at it the very first time.
              Thanks for adding something substantial to this post :-) Michelle said she misses my physics posts and I said I will do something about it. Now your throwing in a wave function is a call to arms!

            2. Better get some coffee and get to work. With that in mind, recall a month or so back when you were trying to cut back on coffee? Here’s some news for you. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s good news or bad news:

            3. elkement says:

              It’s 23:59 in my time zone ;-) so I better not consider coffee an option but rather sleep now ;-) I did reduce the daily consumption on average – but not yet to the level I intended. Probably I should do some risky trading related to coffee (futures, options, swaps … whatever is suitable when prices decline…)

  5. bert0001 says:

    most look like your own headers…

    1. elkement says:

      Did the statistics now:
      22 lines are excerpts from headers, from 42 lines in total.
      42 was an accident – I swear!!!

      1. bert0001 says:

        the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy was an accident either … 8-)

        1. elkement says:

          Probably all art is accidental ;-) ?

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