The BLAHS #4–Geek of the Year

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Earthlings, bow to me. I am famous. The Elkement has been bestowed upon the most prestigious blog award in the universe – non-propagate-able, handed out exclusively by the founder: The BLAHS – BLog Awards Handed out by Sackler. Yes, this is THE Mark Sackler – serial innovator in Search Term Haiku Art and discerning commenter on The Ridiculous and The Sublime. EDIT: Remove [s] from [https] in the links to Mark’s blog to get rid of the false security warnings. See my comment on this alleged bug below.

The Millennium Conjectures™

“Beware of geeks bearing formulas.”–Warren Buffett

I know what you’re thinking.   Why don’t I give the Geek of the Year BLAHS to myself?   Short answer:  I almost won an award like that in my youth, but lost out to the guy in the picture above.   It was no fair really;  I look far cooler in a leopard skin toga than he does.  Anyway, I am only half geek.  In my ancient past I was both a sportscaster and a classical music radio announcer.  How is that for a cognitive dissonance?

Jokes aside, let’s get down to the serious satire.  It’s time to give out another BLAHS (BLog Awards Handed out by Sackler).   A quick review of the rules is in order:

  1. Unlike the various chain-letters going around that masquerade as awards, this one is given out only one at a time–by me.
  2. The only thing the winner has to…

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  1. elkement says:

    Other readers who have not unfollowed me: I would recommend you to read the much more extended version of this dialogue over there in Mark’s version of the multi-verse:

  2. Congratulations. You are truly deserving of this award. You can now take the remainder of the day off. D

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks a lot Dave :-)
      But I really ought to do some work now – I have shared my most recent existential posts on social networks with the comment “This is not the most productive day in my life, but it depends on your definition of productivity”.
      And there is still some “blog award backlog” – I need to send another ILFB Award off to the blogosphere soon … I am gathering ideas!
      Looking forward to your next post!

  3. elkement says:

    If anybody has tried to click on the link(s) to Mark’s post, you might have encountered security warnings. This is an annoying bug – but in a fascinating way related to some area of expertise of mine.
    If you remove s from https[Mark’s post] and click it works fine.

    I have just submitted the following to support:
    I believe I have found a bug in’s reblog feature. The Read More link in the reblog has https[reblogged post] as a target, not http[reblogged post]. However the certificate used here is a wildcard certificate issued to * This means you will get all kinds of errors and Firefox will hardly let you click on the URL unless you confirm all Those Dangerous Exceptions if you reblog a post hosted on a site with a custom domain name.
    This reblog of mine gives proof of the bug:

    1. marksackler says:

      If anybody needed affirmation that you are deserving of the “Geek of the Year” BLAHS, the above post will certainly reaffirm any doubts. It should have been “Geek of the Century” :D

      1. elkement says:

        But this isn’t funny?? That’s just my normal mode of operation :-) I told you I enjoy sniffing bugs Sandra-Bullock-in-The-Net-style (and I had pizza yesterday, no kidding).
        For my personal reference and also credibility (I take the bug serious) I add the link to the question I sent publicly to WP support:

        1. marksackler says:

          You don’t need that remote control. My head just exploded. Gawd, I hate when that happens. :(

          1. elkement says:

            Probably I should have told you I run some test of my secret mind-damaging weapons here. But then it would not have been realistic. These weapons only work on minds not prepared for the attacks.

    2. M. Hatzel says:

      When I accessed this post in my reader, it took me to Mark’s blog… I’m finally getting over to yours now. Congrats, Geek. You and Mark were a riot to read. :)

      1. elkement says:

        Thanks, Michelle :-) It was a lot of fun – this is what stand-up comedy must feel, I guess!

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