I Screwed It up – I Feel Stupid

I had mistyped the title of the previous blog post.

I failed to get a complicated word right the first time: En-tre-pre-neur-ship. And WordPress doesn’t spell-check titles (and I didn’t paste it into Word and spell-check, as usual).

So there is one more reason to ridicule me (<– this is an allusion to the intro of the post you might have missed due to the typo and WordPress Reader probably not able to cope with it).

I have fixed it now, and I also changed the PermaLink to that e-mail subscribers won’t find this post of mine:

So-Called Zen Capitalism and Random Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

This is probably as stupid as watching a 3D HD movie and not snatching free 3D glasses at the cinema’s check-out before. Just to illustrate stupidity utilizing a random example – that may or may not be related to Star Trek – Into the Darkness released in Austria.

Yours truly,


. a person with a very big brain in a normal sized head and a brain working on some sort of TARDIS principle for said head to contain said brain according to this reblog.

PS / Edit: I have now checked a follower’s WordPress reader: The previous post was listed – despite the correction. Now I feel even more stupid.

PPS / Edit 2: And now I liked my own post – deliberately expecting WP to send me this infamous e-mail saying:
You liked your own post. You’re so vain. You probably think I Screwed It up – I Feel Stupid is about you. In this case the assumption is correct!

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  1. bert0001 says:

    I had not noticed. The contents must be interesting enough not to focus on the spelling …

    1. elkement says:

      I fixed it about 20 minutes after the initial publication :-) But since I fixed the PermaLink as well I broke the link for e-mail subscribers – and I could not see it in my own reader after fixing so I believed I broke WP reader as well :-)

      1. bert0001 says:

        broken links have happened to me too, but not too often.
        I have a blogroll of about 100 blogs I visit every week, regardless of there being posts or not.
        The remaining 300 get visited when a title catches my eye from the soon RIP google reader.

  2. Mike Howe says:

    That word that you didn’t spell correctly, you know the one I can’t spell either, well that would have caught a lot of us out. And liking your own post? Hell we all do that from time to time :) Your post reminded me of the checklist I go through in my head before I press “publish” – it’s quite a nervy moment isn’t it? Have I spelled everything correctly? Have I added tags? Do I uncheck the pingbacks box cos I don’t know what they are? Did I add a title? Is this post just dumb anyway? And anyway who cares? Oh just press “publish” and then run away and hide……and then come back and see if anyone “liked” it….oh no, nobody “liked” it, I feel like such an idiot…..I don’t know why I do this sometimes! :)

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks a lot, Mike :-) The comments on this post are really encouraging :-) Probably this post will attract more likes and comments than the other ones, so I should post about my stupidity every once in a while.

  3. You made me laugh (for real) Elke. I’ve suspected all this time that you were made of the same stuff as the rest of us! Well, at least … the same stuff as most of us! I delight in your horror! In all seriousness … I agree with M and applaud you for blogging in English. Totally beyond me how you do it. My big mistake has always been to push the publish button when I meant to push the preview button … and all those reader posts go flying into cyberspace with no hope of ever being recalled! Eeeeeek. Yikes. D

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Dave – I am glad my Zen Capitalism post didn’t keep you from reading further posts of mine. The most stupid mistake I ever made was to put the recipients of my so-called Subversive Newsletter (sort of a predecessor of this blog) on CC instead of BCC. Lots of business-y e-mail addresses – exposed and decloaked!
      As for my English abilities – I really don’t consider them that great. As I said to Michelle I feel stuck between two languages. I think I lose my abilities to write in German, and on the other hand I would not be able to, say, describe rural scenery or a terrific sunrise in English. But I am not even sure if could do the latter in German.

    2. I’m with Dave :>)

      1. elkement says:

        Thanks, Maurice! :-)

  4. M. Hatzel says:

    You’re blogging in more than one language, Elke, and you still sound smarter than me, who blogs in only English and speaks only English, who has one quarter of your education but is still a bit above average on the North American continent. I drop all pretenses trying to keep up with you. Stupid is not a word I’ve ever considered when thinking of your blog. I’d say more, but I gotta go get my kidz frum skool now… please don’t make an “unintelligent” blogger award and bestow it on me in my absence. :)

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I thought it would make me more human if I repent my stupid errors in public ;-)
      You are really very kind – I feel rather stuck in a no man’s land between two languages (… and I note: an idea for another blog post, thanks!)
      BTW you are reminding me of that black hole of open award nomination threads – your and Dan’s Liebster award questions are still in my queue, and I need to bestow another Intelligent LIfe-Forms award.

      1. danielmullin81 says:

        I second what Michelle said. Also, if it makes you feel better, I frequently misspell ‘entrepreneur.’ I messed up typing it just now.

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