Fourth dimension surfing

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If anybody ever said biologists and biology aren’t geeky, this post disproves it. Have you been aware of the three-dimensional morphospace occupied by molluscs or can you surf four-dimensional waves? This post covers so many different aspects – it needs to be reblogged at a blog that aims at “combining everything”.


The second image below has marked time in the drafts section of my dashboard for well over a month. It was taken at the Jacoby Falls on one of the very first mild weekends of our Pennsylvania spring. An earlier post which described that visit concerned a topic altogether divorced from that of tree trunks, and so too does this one. I have thought much, as part of my professional responsibilities, about a construct called morphospace. Let me explain. Imagine how you might describe, by measurement, an animal such as a garden snail, for example. You’d have to measure the length of the shell, the width of the shell, and the dimensions of the shell opening … and then you’d have to count the number of whorls and somehow determine their rate of expansion. When you were done you might have ten measures. Now consider that this shell, because…

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  1. bert0001 says:

    Timescapes … I have a draft of a blog post with that name … imagine riding the photon … perhaps I will undust it.

  2. I’m not sure what protocol I am supposed to follow in this particular instance Elke. Perhaps it is appropriate to say that I take special pride in being classified, as a geek, and among those I respect and admire. It is a badge a wear with pride. [And, anyway, who cares what the rest may say!] D

    1. elkement says:

      You will be informed about the protocol in a few minutes in my upcoming post! This reblog was one of the steps I needed to follow to bestow an award upon you that I have now created from scratch.

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