Spam Poets Write Weird Things

The title has been provided by this blog’s visitors, I guess licensed as Creative Commons.

It has been a month since I have posted the last search term poem – here we go again!

This time I don’t break my own rules – despite of having quoted two intriguing search terms here. But since this was not poetry I am still compliant with the Rules of the Cult of Search Term Poetry.

All search terms are from WordPress Stats or Google Webmaster Tools from  the last 30 days, and I demand that search terms in a ‘paragraph’ need to be sorted in length. I only break that rule once.

spam poets
write weird things for search terms
crowdsourcing next level
work hard play hard
post modern art
narrating events

text editor blank sheet paper
gay steampunk costumes
a theory about nostalgia
theory of poetry satire
to flush the toilet

how do an gyroscope work? magic?
spinning top with helium balloon
gyroscope not falling over
patent perpetuum mobile
controlling the elements
cliche physics problems
gyroscopes are magic

zen engineering
subversive element
42 divided by 3
retro geek

how to combine theory with practice in physics
microwave oven radiation wavelength holes
40 below summer fire at zero gravity
can mice get into microwave oven
dead mice in the microwave
microwave oven theory
physics isn’t intuitive

Actually, it was harder than last month to create the poem as the themes & memes have started repeating themselves. Probably I will change to a quarterly feature in order to collect more unusual search terms.

As a technical aside, I have promoted the tags Search Term Poetry and Spam Poetry to categories while demoting Trivia to a tag. does a great job in still keeping the previous URLs for the former tags and categories.

I am still looking for more search term poets. As regular readers know I once declared myself the founder of a movement, but found out shortly after that I am only standing on the shoulders of other spam poets without recognizing it.

History of ego inflation has repeated itself – here is some interesting

 … historical Search Term Poetry

[Link broken, it] Search Term Poetry! “Ass As Is”

[Link broken, it] Search Term Poetry by Martin R

Several poems tagged with “Search Term Poetry”, by Steve Gershom

Contemporary fellow search term poets are featured in this blog post of mine.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. M. Hatzel says:

    I like the visual on this one. The arrows also look like a series of stacking cups or nesting dolls… hmm, a ‘mise en abyme’ structure? ( I love it.

    In honour of your movement, I began compiling my spam messages. I got an entirely new subset of spams in the past week and I can’t wait to put them up. I think I may have baited the spammer, though, a bit like fishing, by un-spamming one message and approving it with a reply. I hope this isn’t going to cause any ethical issues. :)

    1. elkement says:

      Learned something new, thanks! I can relate to the fascination of this “Mise en abyme” – sometimes I indulge on this by creating self-referential remote connections from one computer to another … this results in the same type of images as infinite reflections between two mirrors!
      Yes, please publish your spam poems – and search term poems, Michelle! I need more followers to my cult!
      The unspamming method might work: I have once replied to a spam message not caught by the filter (this was the pivotal moment of my failing the Turing test). And that very post has attracted three more (not automatically spammed) spams in the meantime.

      1. M. Hatzel says:

        I had never thought of the mise en abyme in context to technology, only art and mirrors, but as I was writing the first comment I was wondering if you would find a connection. This is an entirely new construct for me to consider. Thanks!

  2. Love the term zen engineering. Was it intentional that your poetry combined to form a downward arrow? Clever!

    1. elkement says:

      Yes, the arrow was intentional! I tried to make it more difficult by adding a new rule :-)

  3. Indeed, Spam Poets write weird things…

    1. elkement says:

      I would really be interested in your search terms. I bet they would make up great poetry!!

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