I Need More Trivial Content

Don’t panic – I have left the lofty heights of political analysis for now! But thanks again for all the fish, commenters, as I had ventured out of my geeky comfort zone quite a bit!

But now I am back: to down-to-earth, hands-on, ready-to-use …

Spam Poetry

The categories and tags for this blog are quite a mess – and I know it. Not even regular excessive re-tagging and re-categorizing did help.

In particular, I have no overall category for those experimental genres of art I am indulging in frequently. I tagged it with Search Term Poetry and Spam Poetry of course, but the category is – for whatever reasons


Since I do not want to turn my the categories upside down I try to align the content with the categories. I am in need of trivia.

An extraordinary spam commenter does help me out:
There is a new sort of spam, consisting of a full blog post of mine dumped to the comment section in its entirety. This provides me with a unique opportunity:

I am able to dissect and scramble my own post in order to create the most non-original spam poetry ever.

I probably might have discarded this idea of self-plagiarism, but the particular post picked by the spammer was just too good …

Discovering Your Life Being Cliché

… with ‘good’ referring to the level of self-reference, not necessarily to the quality of the content. I expect you to click on the link though: I had published it before my meteoric rise to fame as a search term poet. So this is like stumbling upon an hitherto undiscovered Picasso in your attic!

Rules are as follows –  as usual I am inventing them as I go:

  • All phrases need to be taken copied 1:1 from the post linked above.
  • Phrases need to appear in the post in the reverse order as they are quoted in the poem. Thus I force myself to work from the bottom to the top (This is not about work ethics in corporations, I just refer to scrolling a text)

google it and end up disappointed

I will not tell you

pseudo-postmodern analysis
via TV

those most trivial everyday clichés
describing trashy everyday stuff meticulously
explain the zeitgeist

in my hacker’s cave
the only woman who calls herself a nerd
many years ago

Probably it is worse than that
there are other intelligent lifeforms on this planet

it would be worth mentioning
that there are discussion groups

I once thought it singular to be
the true phenomenon or the illusion

right now millions of people write about
Every utmost obscure and bizarre topic

everything has already been told
Within milliseconds
in order to test
Your Life Being Cliché

This poem leaves me with the weird impression that my post either 1) works backwards also (How scary – do I find satanic messages as well?) or 2) there is no content anyway.

There is no spoon!

It is not the spoon that bends – it is only yourself

Happy Easter

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  1. Peter Mander says:

    Interesting word, trivia. Comes from the Latin ‘tri via’ or ‘three roads’, meaning a crossroads, where one is more likely to meet others and exchange gossip. Hence the inference of unimportant knowledge. But sometimes there is wisdom to be met at the crossroads. One just needs to be awake to the possibility :-)

    1. elkement says:

      Thanks Peter – your comment really adds some substantial content to this post ;-) As for the importance of gossip: All those workplace consultants tell us hat the best (business) ideas are developed during informal coffee breaks and companies need to have inspiring cafeterias to boost employees’ creativity. So your remark is spot-on!

  2. comfort zones are overrated ;)

  3. M. Hatzel says:

    I saved this for you (spam from my phasing-out Blogger site):

    The cheesе would be melteԁ anԁ bubbly, but most popular of all thе toppіngs wоulԁ not be burnt.
    The publicаn ordеred Daisy, his barmаid, to deliver some celebratoгy blеnded bеverаges.
    The blood of individuals ωho stay a еveryday living of eat, dгinκ and be merry is essential and their respiratory іѕ extremеly еasіly.

    1. elkement says:

      These are great – thanks Michelle :-) I like in particular “the blood of individuals”. The “w” in “who” seems to be a small Greek Omega – how subtle and how weird!
      I do not even need to incorporate these sentences actively into spam poems because search engines will parse them and then the best phrases will turn into search terms :-)
      What I would like WordPress to incorporate: a feature (a checkbox…) that allows me to tag spam comments “fur future artistic use”. Currently I would need to unspam them and use the Pending queue as my repository of to-be-poetized spam, or I would need to transfer spam to some Excel sheet or whatever frequently. Probably a great opportunity for a software start-up: “the spam poetry plug-in for WordPress”.

      1. M. Hatzel says:

        And even weirder, all those lines came in one spam. I like the plug-in idea :)

  4. Could only stay away from this stuff for so long, eh? :>)

    1. elkement says:

      I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Easter otherwise! I owe my readers – and myself – the spiritual experience associated with a spam poem :-)

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