2012: The Year We Make Contact

What happened?

  • I started blogging here in March. My posts evolved from lengthy walls of text to geeky stuff. Thanks to my readers who follow this blog despite the strange combination of topics covered. But I know: Resistance is futile.
  • I have halted pseudo-blogging to my ancient non-blog sites for some months, but resumed it  to write again without support by commenters and likers. Thanks also to my readers over there! Live long and prosper!
  • I have finally embarked onto new ventures. Thanks for all the fish, Geeks! … goes to my former clients in the IT sector, for many years of professional and cordial collaboration.

Actually all of my private and professional milestones have been captured essentially in the new ‘tagline’ I added to my professional profiles:

I am a physicist running a small company together with my husband. Following Star Trek terminology he is  Chief Engineer and I am Science Officer. We work on planning and optimizing heat pump systems that utilize unconventional heat sources.
I have designed and implemented Public Key Infrastructures (PKI, applied cryptography) for enterprise customers since 2002 and I have phased-out these activities in 2012 in order to reconnect with my roots as a scientist and engineer and to focus on renewable energies.

I am particularly interested in the interfaces between building technology, energy engineering, applied physics, and IT infrastructure… and basically in all of physics, all of the history of science and all of the interdependencies between science and society.

I am obviously in self-centered navel-gazing mode so I do not feel motivated, qualified, or prepared enough to comment on what happened in the world and the universe at large.

As a replacement I will craft some search term poetry again that should represent what The World is trying to tell me.

I am mixing terms from: WordPress stats and Google / Bing webmaster tools:

poetry by crowdsource
theory and practice are different in real life – poem
your search term
status report
resurrection project 2012

the darkside took me
combine 2 cliches
trying to be strong through art
nostalgia and steampunk
retro geek
being cliche

physicist philosopher
irony vs oxymoron
blank sheet theory
philosophy and weird intuition
f as in
fringe science theories
quantum physics in a nutshell
moonlighting with einstein
theory about stupid questions

microwave oven day 2012
can a mouse get in a microwave
rodent electric chair
a sustainable product

the first heat pump
it was built
fundamental research in physics done by outsiders
calculate -18+25-(-15)
full steam productions
vapor ever
braving the elements

 dark side strong it is
newbie kafkaesque
how to avoid inflation
total topics kafkaesque
people become interested in the dark side and want to gain knowledge in using it to their advantage

wholeheartedly cliched?
original idea already cliche

Computer virus

7 Comments Add yours

    1. elkement says:

      This refers to spam poetry in French! Whatever it means in detail – I am proud of my first pingback in a language I don’t speak ;-)

  1. marksackler says:

    You realize you have created a monster with this search-term poetry. I will have to outdo you so watch out for some search term haiku coming soon to my blog! :P

    1. elkement says:

      Yeah, I am aware of this! ;-) It’s likely that I and my own strange terms I submit will contribute to your poetry. So to be sure I will add “Mark Sackler” to all of my search terms, and wait for them to appear on your blog in your poetry – then watch out for mail from my lawyers specialized in copyright infringement ;-)

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