More Irony

Seth Godin tells us in All Marketers Are Liars that oxymorons are great (in marketing – think along the lines of: Military Intelligence). Michael Bradley, the Time Traveler, proves in his blog that oxymorons are actually everywhere in real life. Just watch out and have your camera ready!
Unfortunately I do not have one of my favorite irony photos any more: A transformer station flooded with water with a poster ad (by the hydro power utility) attached: Here the power of water is converted into electrical energy.

Michael Bradley - Time Traveler

From time to time I post Ironic pictures.  You can find prior posts by typing in “irony” on the search box on my home page.  I hope you enjoy these as you try to shake off the effects of L-triptophan in your turkey, the shock of long periods of exposure to your family, and overeating while sitting stationary watching others exercise playing football…  (hint – that was irony too.)  My best example of irony ever is – A vegetarian being killed by a man-eating plant.   If you know a better example, please let me know.



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