Clandestine Blogging

Currently I have not linked my blog anywhere and I avoid creating too much outgoing links for the time being. So the blog is public and nobody is aware of it. Actually I had even planned to blog to a hidden – fully private – blog for a while, although my postings are not at all that confidential.

Reasons being:

  • I am using this blog rather as my personal notebook and to some extent as a to do list. I am in the process to make some fundamental changes to my personal and professional life and these notes help me keeping on track.
  • I have always been a blog-sceptic so far, very much like this (though it seems a bit irrational to me now as my existing websites had been rather blog-like content-wise). So I need sort of an evaluation period to find out if I can convince myself of the advantages of blogging (versus the occasional updates of technically static websites)
  • I need to work out exactly what the major purpose and goal of this blog should be. I really enjoy that I do not have to have a business plan and a forecast that will be benchmarked against in the near future.

Thus expect a lot of navel-gazing and posting tagged with About in the next week.

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