From Early Adopter to Lazy Laggard

When I am applying the Technology Adoption Life-cycle model to my internet usage pattern I would categorize myself as a Laggard or a member of the Late Majority.

Actually the beginning was more promising: I had used e-mail since the early 1990s and had setup my first web site in the late 1990s. At the dawn of the new millennium I was the owner of  a bunch of domains where I hosted different websites that were effectively blog-like. Technically they were not – I created new HTML pages and edited them frequently. I was the first employee of the tech company I worked back then who was member of a popular local business web 2.0 platform.

A few years later I started an experimental web project together with three like-minded netizens; today this would be done using a common blog. I converted all my existing web sites to what I call a simple self-made CMS written in ASP.

But then, however, when Twitter and Facebook became popular and literally everybody started to tweet, share and blog – I sort of retired from this chatty online world. I can only guess what the reasons were:

  • Expressing thoughts online was particularly important for me when I was about to make important changes in my (professional) life. I am not all talking about professional self-marketing, rather on developing ideas more efficiently when writing about them. If this was self-marketing, it was actually rather paradoxical – rest assured the names of the domains I own would only attract very peculiar clients.
  • In any aspect of my life I tried to avoid becoming part of a mainstream movement. It was fun putting up a website with a weird domain name as long as hyperlinks had really subverted hierarchy. When CEOs of big corporations started blogging it seemed less subversive to me.
  • I simply do not like any tool that allows somebody else to track down my status in terms of being online, being available etc. due to various reasons. My daily working routine comprises a lot of ad-hoc troubleshooting and online communication anyway – I feel that I already have my share of being online via some selected channels.

So what is actually the reason then for setting up this blog now? I still need to think about this, but I have decided that I will find out as I go by writing this blog.

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